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Prepare for a brand-new craze with Wordseeker! This game is unlike any other word puzzle, so you'll need to juggle the words and letters like an expert. Get ready for a challenging task so you may be one of the select few to win this game!

You must first familiarize yourself with the system right . You will receive a canvas measuring 30 square inches. There will be six rows of five blank squares. Your goal is to try to fill the squares with letters such that each row of the grid has a meaningful word. Your main objective is to discover the level's word. You have a total of 6 opportunities to try and locate the 5-letter word. The boxes will become grey, yellow, or green as you enter a significant word in each row. Yellow indicates that a letter is present in your word but not in that location, whereas grey indicates that the word you just used is not present in your term. Green indicates that the letter and its location are both accurate. Until you have completed all 6 rows, use these hints to try to decipher the word. Let's see if you can finally understand the level's term!

How to play

You may select a letter and type it or use the mouse to play.