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Do you like playing classic games? A Scrabble-like English word game called Wordmeister is available. Create words using the available letters to get points.

Each participant receives a letter at random to begin the game. The player whose letter is first in the alphabet takes the first turn. Form a word by placing your letters on the board. Each letter has a score associated with it, and your words can be two or more characters long. The more difficult letters usually have a larger value. The game is over when there are no more tiles available or when neither player can form a word.

As you can see, the board features squares in a variety of colors.

  • The letter's value on the square is doubled when it is colored Blue.
  • The letter's value on the square is triple when it is colored Green.
  • The value of the word Orange is doubled.
  • The value of the word Red is triple.

If you are really stuck, you can replace as many letters as you like with new ones throughout your turn. To spark your imagination, you can also mix the letters or skip your turn.

How to play

To move the letters, click and drag the left mouse button.