Word Holiday

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Test your vocabulary by playing Word Holiday and attempting to discover words. This game has enjoyable gameplay mechanics and lovely 2D visuals. Are you ready?

Word searching is one of the most well-liked puzzles, and it's great fun! To complete a level in this game, you must find every word in that level. Get rid of your pen and paper since your mouse is all you need to find the hidden words. Click the play button on the main to begin the game. You may see a letter wheel at the bottom of the screen. Use these letters to create words that you may write on the board that is located at the top of the screen. Simply click a letter to move to the next one after doing that. You may search for bonus words in addition to ordinary words. You gain bonus points for these. You feel stuck. To find a letter on the board, press the clues button. To utilize tips, you must have coins, which you get as you accomplish stages. You may also try the daily puzzle from the main menu in addition to traditional mode.

How to play

You may play this game with your mouse.