Word Detector

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Connect the letter tiles in Word Detector to form words. Find terms that might aid you in completing the tasks by using the available letters and vacant spaces.

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You are given letters on wooden tiles for each level. Using the mouse, you link the letters to construct the proper word, which is then placed in the brackets on the left side of the screen. If you fill them all up correctly, you pass the level.

You will see brackets on the game screen where letters should go, and these letters must make words. The letters that must be utilized may be found at the bottom of this. To construct the words you believe belong in the empty brackets, simply click and drag the mouse between them.

Try to earn a high score since you gain coins for doing so. Be cautious not to make too many mistakes because you'll end up losing money. We hope you have a fantastic time and aren't just passing through.

How to play

Click the mouse to play this game.