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Some information about Woblox

Your missions

Try playing Woblox which is an engaging puzzle game. Free the green block by rearranging the yellow blocks in the shortest time to get three stars.

In this game, your task is to reorganize the yellow blocks to move the green block outside the box. There are a lot of yellow blocks blocking the way of green blocks. They lie around the green block and cause it to get stuck. You have to move them so that there is an open path. The path will have to go through the blue arrow. Once you have created your own path, you can craft the green block from left to right to complete the mission.

Try to complete this task in the shortest time to get three stars. The shorter the time to complete the level, the more stars you get. Three stars are the biggest reward for you after completing the level. Let's try to get three stars on each level. To get the biggest reward, you must accelerate your solving speed. You will become the player with the most stars in this game. Make an effort to become the winner.

It can be said that this is a game that challenges your brain. You will have to think continuously to find the most effective solution. Not all paths are easy to create. To solve problems, you must use your brain to think. The challenge will gradually be solved if you develop your tricks. In addition, the game will improve thinking and train the brain. So, let's play and practice in this game right now. You also introduce the game to your friend to play the game together. Try to complete as many levels as possible.

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How to control

Hold the left mouse button to slide the green block.

The traits of Woblox

The levels

This game offers 45 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging it is. In addition, you will encounter a lot of yellow blocks in the following levels. They will prevent you from succeeding. Do your best to beat all levels and have fun. In addition, you can replay the first level to practice and become a master before joining the next level. You will become more experienced and clever. Improve your thinking and skills while playing the game. Good luck!

The hints

There are no hints for you. However, if you play and cannot find out the solutions, you can reload the game. Then it will restore the original position of the blocks. You will start over and try to figure out the solution. You are not limited to the number of level replays. So keep trying until you completely conquer it.

Some challenges you must overcome

The challenges

A large number of gold blocks on the board make you confused. You have to think and make rational decisions unless you will have to replay. Let's move the yellow block to be able to slide the green block. Additionally, you do not get any hints. You have to deal with these difficult levels to advance to the following levels.

The tips to pass the challenging levels

When facing difficult levels, you are forced to have separate strategies. These strategies will help you complete the level in a short time and possibly get 3 stars. Here are some tips for you. You can apply them to finish the game. Sometimes, you also launch other tips for yourself. You may obtain other interesting things after each turn.

  • Use the reload button. It can be considered a power-up for you. If you make mistakes while playing the game, you can use it to restart the level. After mistakes happen, you will certainly have new strategies to overcome them. Hope you will be successful.
  • You should think before moving the yellow blocks. This will reduce the risks you may face. You will be able to predict in advance a few possible cases when playing the game. So, you should prepare everything well to complete the mission.
  • Pay attention to the golden blocks to move. They should be moved before the green block. Take advantage of every space on the board to create a perfect path for the green block. Do not leave them empty in too many places.