Wild West Hangman

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Getting Started with Wild West Hangman

Guess the word in the brain game Wild West Hangman. Like many intellectual games about Hangman, this game takes the cowboy character interface. Experience this game to see how far the ability to gain insight can be.

Wild West Hangman regulations

In this game, the cowboy image is the most unique character you can see. The game will not restrict cowboy-related terms or desert contexts. You won't know what every single question is. The game has 6 categories for you to choose from: Countries, Animals, First Names, Fruits And Vegetables, Sports, and European Cities. You can choose the topic that you are most knowledgeable about. Each question has a time limit, and you can only get it wrong up to 6 times if you don't want to lose.

If you have never played such a game, choose the vowel letters U,E,O,A,I,Y. The ratio of choosing vowel letters is usually never wrong. Then work your way through the consonant letters, but remember, you can only make a wrong choice up to 6 times.