Waffle Game

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Interesting facts about Waffle Game

What is Waffle Game?

Take a look at an interesting word game named Waffle Game. Rearrange the letters on the boards to finger out hidden words in rows and columns.

If you are looking for exciting word games like Wordle, Popword, and Waffle Word, what about trying this game? Developed by James Robinson on 14th February 2022, this game will certainly bring you moments of fun and improve your vocabulary. It is playable on PC and mobile devices, so you can play it anywhere and anytime.

The principles

In the center of the screen, you can see a board including three rows and three columns. Your mission is to rearrange the letters on the board to create 6 meaningful words. Keep in mind that each word has 5 letters. If you want to know whether this letter is in the right position or not, you can look at the colors of the tile containing this letter. The brown tiles tell you that they are in the right position. Therefore, you do not need to move these brown tiles. The yellow tiles indicate that they are in the hidden words but in the wrong position. You must transfer these yellow tiles to the left, right, up, or down. Finally, if the color of the tile is white, it means that the letter on this tile is not in the word and in the wrong position. At this time, you have to move this tile to another word and correct the spot. Always keep in mind that your moves are limited. Specifically, you need to figure out 6 hidden words within 15 moves. If you cannot do that, the game is over.

This game features a daily challenge. It means that no matter whether you win or lose the game, you need to wait to join the next challenge on the next day. Therefore, come back and play this game every day to find interesting words. It is an opportunity for you to expand your vocabulary.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the tiles.

Tips and tricks to beat Waffle Game

Think about common endings first

If you want to get the highest streak, you need to come up with tactics. Here are some tips that can assist you in figuring out the hidden words before you run out of moves. The first one is to consider the common ending first. At the start of the game, all ending letters of the hidden words are placed in the right position. All you need to do is to find the letter before these ending letters. Consider common endings such as -ble, -fle, -tle, -ove, -ine, -ike, -ave, -ame, -ane, -one, -ude, -ed, and -ing. For instance, if the ending letter is a G letter, you can put an N letter before it.

Write down the hidden words of the previous days

It is said that the target words in daily challenges would not be repetitive. Therefore, After you find the target words of the day, you can note them down on a piece of paper. Even if you lose the game, click the Show Solution button to see the target words of this day. Then, when you participate in the next challenge on the next day, these words can be excluded. Day by day, the number of words in your target word list will increase, so you can help to narrow down your search scale.

Impressive features of Waffle Game

The leaderboard

This game has a leaderboard that shows the number of times you play the game, the total waffle, and the waffle streak. The waffle streak means that the times you beat the game constantly. If you, unfortunately, cannot find the hidden word any day, your waffle streak will return to zero. To get the highest waffle streak, you need to be careful and build your own strategies to win the game constantly. The total waffle also is the times you win the game. Nevertheless, it will not reduce or go back to zero if you lose.

The Dark Mode and High Contrast Mode

Featuring engaging gameplay, this game can hook you in to play for hours. However, playing the game too long will cause eye strain and other eye symptoms. Therefore, I recommend you enable Dark Mode when you play the game. This has positive impacts on your eyes such as reducing eye strain and other eye symptoms. Additionally, the Dark Mode also aids you to boost your concentration. Furthermore, this game also offers the High Contrast Mode. The developer added this mode to assist color-blind people when they play this game. When this mode is activated, the brown tiles will change to blue tiles while the yellow tiles will change to red tiles. This helps color-blind players to recognize the colors of the tiles more easily.