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TypeShift overview

In the word puzzle video game TypeShift, players must spell words by sliding letters around columns (by sliding columns up and down). The letters in the column change from white to color to green. The player's goal is to turn every letter on the stage green. There are also "key" words that, if the player finds them, will be able to help complete your puzzle faster.

Gameplay of TypeShift

Along with the usual stages, the game also has "clue" stages. The player is given both letter columns and clues in the clue stage, similar to a crossword puzzle. When the player correctly solves a clue by touching it, the hint will disappear. By playing the game you can increase your vocabulary and learn new terms. Experience how many words you can discover in this game. I guess you probably won't know all the words here.


Notice that the letters in a yellow turn all green by sliding columns up and down. At that time, you can move on to the next level. Does it take up much of your puzzle time?