Traffic Jam 3D

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Running... Waiting... And start an additive traffic game, called Traffic Jam 3D where you get to enjoy a vivid 3D world. Are you ready to join this entertaining game? Get started now and show off your talent! This game will bring unique experiences through thrilling races.

In Traffic Jam 3D, keep your steering steady and accelerate at nitrous speeds on these routes. The moment has come for you to go on your daring journey.

Starting this game, you can get a car. At the main screen, you can see your vehicle and information related to the game.

Basic Information On the Main Screen

Gifts And Plus Money

You can receive gifts and money through watching ads. Take a look at the top right corner of the screen. There is a plus sign where you use to increase your coins. Besides, you can keep track of how much money you own. There is a gift box at the bottom of the plus sign. You can receive gifts at this location.

Daily Bonus

Besides money and gifts, you can receive daily bonuses. This driving game will give you coins every day. Enter the game often to get as many coins as possible. The number of coins in the daily bonus section is very large. For example, you can get 1000 coins for Day 1 and Day 2. That number of coins is 2000 coins on Day 3, 3000 coins on Day 4, and 4000 coins on Day 5. The number of coins will gradually increase like that. Take advantage of it!

Player's Personal Information

The player's information is stored in the name section at the top left of the screen. When accessing this section, you can monitor driver points and driver stats. This information will include many different indicators.


  • Total distance traveled
  • Total overtakes
  • Max overtake combo
  • Time elapsed in opposite time

Besides, there are many other stats such as career level reached, multiplayer race wins, money earned, and gold earned. These indicators will be converted to points and summarized at the bottom of the table.


Driver stats will include driver point information when not converted to points and other important information. You can follow the list of additional information below.

  • Number of race achievements
  • Total drive time
  • Max speed
  • Average speed
  • Number of crashes
  • Number of nitro used

How To Play

It is a fun game that mimics driving a vehicle. You may enjoy the best parts of your journey from the comfort of the driver's seat. Keep an eye on the mirror to move swiftly and avoid collisions. Even if you go more swiftly, your appreciation of the journey will increase.

Control your vehicle and complete your mission. Your mission depends on the mode you choose.

How to control: The WASD or ARROW KEYS can be used to control the vehicle.

Available Game Modes

First, you need to choose 1 of 4 Race Mode. There are four games available for selection. Game modes include career, infinite, time-against, and free. Each of these modes has a different characteristic. For example, you can choose the Infinite mode to experience endless races while Time Against mode will have a time requirement.

Second, you can have the choice between the highway, the desert, or the city. The time of day and whether the route is one-way or two-way are your choices. Everything else is up to you and how cautious you are driving. Drive recklessly, often change lanes, and try to avoid colliding with other vehicles.

Note that this driving game offers you many different levels. You need to complete the previous level before proceeding to the next level. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. Try to practice your driving ability through each level. Your driving skills will be improved if you practice many times.

Significant Features

Basic Gameplay

This game has simple gameplay and controls. You just need to control your car carefully and fulfill the requirements of the game. It is simple to join and conquer the challenges of the Traffic Jam 3D game.

Attractive Visuals And Effects

The 3D driving world in this game always surprises the players. You can participate in online races with unique and realistic scenery. The elements in the game are all based on reality. In particular, you can race against the change in time and weather. You can drive from night to day and from day to night. These changes will give you great experiences that other games like the Wordle game cannot provide you.

More 20 Incredible Cars

There are many different cars waiting for you to discover. The number of cars is more than 20 cars. In particular, you can change the color of the automobile and the wheels. Design your car and create a one-of-a-kind vehicle based on your linking.