Tic Tac Toe

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About Tic Tac Toe

Try playing Tic Tac Toe which is a two-player puzzle game. Take turns marking empty squares in the 3x3 grid to create a line of three identical marks.

Are you ready to join this puzzle game? This game will give you moments of great entertainment through puzzles and competition. Think to make the right moves while competing with your opponent to be the winner. This puzzle game is a great way to show your wits. Besides, you can also practice and improve your level through each game. As a result, the Tic Tac Toe game is a great combination of entertainment and education. In particular, the game is suitable for all ages. You can play with your kids to raise your bonds while educating them with fun quizzes.

Now, let's press the START button to officially start this game.

Playable Game Modes In Tic Tac Toe

Going to the main screen of this entertaining game, you can turn on or off the sound. Besides, full-screen mode is available. This mode will help you have a better experience when playing this puzzle game.

In addition, in this game, you are allowed to choose between two game modes including 1 Player and 2 Player modes. If you want to practice against the computer player, choose the 1 Player mode. If you want to play with your friends, choose the 2-Player mode. Each mode will give you a different experience. For example, if you play against the computer, you can go up against a very smart opponent. Computers make very smart moves. However, it has similar moves if you play many times against a computer opponent. On the contrary, if you play with friends, you can face more interesting situations. Every move of the opponent is unpredictable. You can practice and improve your skills with the computer and apply them while competing with your friends. Good luck!

Choose A Grid - A New Feature

Besides choosing the game mode, you can choose the grid. You can increase the difficulty of the game by changing the number of squares on the grid. You can select between a 3x3 grid, a 5x5 grid, and a 7x7 grid. The more cells the grid has, the higher the difficulty of the game. Why? If you play on a 3x3 grid, you can easily control your opponent's moves because you and your opponent have few tiles to choose from. However, if you progress to the 5x5 grid, the difficulty of the game has increased significantly. There are more places for you to do the marking steps. You will need to think a lot about your next move and your opponent's intentions. As you progress to the final grid, the 7x7 grid, the difficulty of the game becomes most challenging.

You can choose any grid you want without order. However, you should play from easy to difficult to improve your ability gradually. As a result, your chances of winning will be higher. Play this game now and have a good time. If you are fond of this game, what about checking out Waffle Game and Wordle on our website?

Note that it is easy to draw in 3x3 matches. Experience it for yourself and feel it!

Basic Playing Rules For Each Mode

How To Play

This game is the inspiration for Four In A Row. Therefore, their gameplay is fairly similar. In this game, you and another player will take turns writing marks X and O on the empty squares of the 3x3 grid. The first one who can create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of three marks of the same kind will be the winner. In contrast, if no one can do that, you and your friend must start again.

This rule will change if you play on a 5x5 grid and a 7x7 grid. If you play grid 5x5 and grid 7x7, you will need to create a row, column or diagonal with the same 4 marks.

In addition, if you play in 1 Player mode, you will get stars after each match. The number of stars is based on your match results. You will get more stars if you win. If you lose or draw, the number of stars will be less. How many stars can you win? Play and show your ability. The more stars you have, the higher your bravery. Note that you can play more than once to win more stars.

How To Control

The controls of this entertaining game are simple. You just need to use your mouse to click on the place you want to mark. Your mark will appear immediately. It is simple to play. All players can control the Tic Tac Toe game the first time they play. You will not need to think about anything other than playing tactics.

More Information For You

No Time Limitation

This game does not limit thinking time. You can think until you have a certain step. It is ideal for you to think and execute your plans.

Graphics And Effects

The effects and graphics of this game are simple but impressive. There are 2 main colors: white and blue. As a result, you can enjoy this game for a long time without hurting your eyes.