The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is an online trivia game that has really difficult questions. They have double meanings, tricks and puns so you must use your imagination. Just one of the four options is accurate. There are 110 questions in all. You are only have three lives, and any mistake you make will cost you one.

Put your knowledge, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities to the test in this one-of-a-kind challenge if you haven't been discouraged thus far and believe you have what it takes to overcome the impossibility. You will be tested on each level by a succession of cunning and utterly absurd questions, each with four answers, each more absurd than the one before it. You must exercise critical thinking to identify the proper solution because the responses are frequently incorrect or amusing.

Spoiler alert. These are the answers for the first 10 questions:

  1. Four
  2. No, but a tin can
  3. K.O
  5. Move your mouse out of the game and around it, then back to "Next question"
  6. Shallots
  7. An elephant
  8. Find the green tick
  9. Top right 'THAT ONE'
  10. Dentures

How to play

Use your mouse to answer the questions.