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What is Tetris

Take a look at Tetris which is an endless puzzle game with simple mechanics. Fill rows of blocks to eliminate them from the playing field and get many points.

Have you ever played the Tetris game? This game will give you a great experience when participating in interesting puzzles. This game not only gives you entertainment but also education. You can improve your intelligence through the arrangement of blocks in this game. It is not easy, however, you can get many benefits from this entertaining game.

Now, let's press the Play button to start this game now!

Level Selection

Before starting the game, you need to choose your level. There are 10 different levels. Each level is numbered from 1 to 10. Each number represents the difficulty of the game. The higher the number, the higher the difficulty. You should start with level 1 to get used to the gameplay with the challenges of this game before progressing to higher levels. If you have ever played this game, you can directly choose the level that is right for you for an enjoyable experience.

The difficulty of the game will change the shape of the blocks and the falling speed of the blocks. The higher levels have blocks with more shapes. These shapes will be more difficult to arrange than the lower levels. Besides, you should also pay attention to the falling speed of blocks. You will have less time to think than at lower levels.

After selecting the level, press the Continue button to start the game. If you play this level for the first time, the game will start with 0 points. However, if you have played and saved the results of your previous play, you can continue your game.

Simple But Attractive Gameplay

This game was developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov. Since it was launched, it has attracted millions of players from all over the world. Why is it famous? The only answer is the game's addictive gameplay.

In this game, you will see many blocks falling from the top of the screen. You must move them to the left or right or change their shapes so as to create rows of blocks. The rows that are filled with blocks will be removed from the playing field and you will gain many points. Try your best to eliminate as many blocks as possible and get the highest possible score. Note that the falling speed of the blocks will increase, which requires your quick reflex.

The Tetris game is an addictive puzzle game thanks to its engaging gameplay. All players want to arrange as many blocks as possible. Especially, you can get satisfaction after completing a complete row. This makes you feel interesting and attractive.

Play the game and let's see what your highest score is. The more complete rows you complete, the higher your score. If you are crazy about this game, why don't you check out Wordle on our website?

Essential Information Sheet

During the game, you will see an information panel on the right. In this table, you can keep track of basic game information such as the next block, level, lines, and score.

Next Block

The Next Block is important information you need to pay attention to. Here, you will know the shape of the next block. Based on that, you can place the current block and prepare for the next block. You will not be surprised because blocks keep appearing. This is an advantage for you. Know how to take advantage of it to bring the blocks to the most appropriate position.


You can know your level from the moment you select the level at the beginning of the game. However, at this table, you will be prompted by the game with this information.


This metric tells you how many rows you have completed. You complete as many rows as you can. How many lines can you complete at most?


Your score will be calculated based on the number of lines you complete. The more lines, the higher your score. Try to get the highest score possible.

How to control

  • Press an Up Arrow Key to change the direction of the block.
  • Press a Down Arrow Key or the Spacebar to increase the falling speed of the blocks.
  • Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

The controls of this game are simple. You can control this arcade game right the first time. Just be careful not to press the wrong button. In particular, you should consider when pressing the down arrow button to increase the falling speed of the block. Do this only when you are sure where the blocks are.

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