Super Mario Bros

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Welcome to Super Mario Bros which is a classic video game developed by Nintendo. Guide Mario to jump over enemies and obstacles and run to the destination.

Addictive gameplay of Super Mario Bros

Attend exciting adventures

Are you ready for exciting adventures with Mario? At this time, you will traverse seven worlds. Each world features a distinct terrain, obstacles, and enemies. You must jump as high as possible if you do not want to collide with rivals and traps along the way. During the journey, you can see many quest blocks. Jump and hit your head at them to claim power-ups which make you bigger, stronger, and invincible with the damage of the obstacles and opponents. For example, if you get a fire flower, you will transform into Fire Mario and have the ability to throw fireballs. Meanwhile, the invincibility mushroom will protect you from the damage of the enemies. Do your best to reach the exit portal safely and gain the highest possible score. Besides reaching your destination, you can find the secret exit where a cannon is placed. This cannon will shoot you to world 5 or 7.

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How to control

  • Press LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press a down arrow key to sit down
  • Press an up arrow key to look up
  • Press a Z or X key to jump
  • Press an ENTER or C or S key to start
  • Press an X or Z to select

Game modes

1-Player Mode

There are two game modes in this game. The first one is the 1-Player Mode. If you play this game alone, you can choose this mode. In this mode, you will transform into Mario and traverse worlds alone. This mode is suitable for beginners who are just starting to play this game. You can play this mode to practice some skills such as running, jumping, or dodging obstacles.

2-Player Mode

The second mode in this game is the 2-Player Mode. This mode allows you to play the game on the same computer. In this mode, you will transform into Mario and another player will become Luigi. You and your friends will cooperate smoothly to evade all dangers along the way. Let's race to the destination. Who will be the fast runner? Invite your friends to join this exciting adventure now.

All worlds in the Super Mario Bros

In this game, you will get an opportunity to explore 8 worlds. Each world will have different terrains, enemies, obstacles, and beautiful landscapes.

  • World 1: The first world is the Grassland located in the Mushroom Kingdom. In this world, the roads are covered with green grass. Moreover, you will have to confront a giant turtle named Bowser who kidnapped Princess Peach. There is a secret exit in this world. If you can find it and enter it, you will see a cannon that will shoot you to World 5.
  • World 2: The second world is the desert. In this world, you need to fight against Mummipokey who is a mummified Pokey with red spikes.
  • World 3: This world is an island near the ocean. Therefore, the terrain in this world is underwater. In this world, you need to swim as fast as possible to reach your destination. Watch out for Cheepskipper a giant purple Cheep-Cheep with a white underbelly. Besides, in this world, you can see the Ghost House where Boos and other ghosts live.
  • World 4: It is the forest world. In this world, you will see many plants and poisonous purple swamps along the way. Take down Mega Goomba and get to your destination as soon as possible. Besides, you can find the world's cannon which will take you to World 7.
  • World 5: It is an ice world that is full of snowy grounds and a frozen lake. In this world, you are required to knock down Petey Piranha which is a large mutant Piranha Plant.
  • World 6: This world is the rocky mountain world. In this world, you can see high mountains, lakes, snowy grounds, and roads covered with grass. The big boss in this world is Monty Tank. It can be distributed into sub-pieces to attack you.
  • World 7: It is the sky world where you need to battle with Lakithunder. This boss is a large, black-shelled Lakitu wearing sunglasses and a black scarf. He sits on a dark cloud.
  • World 8: It is also the forest world, but its theme is dark and purple. However, when moving to the second part, it will change to a volcanic world. In this world, you will see two fortresses, a castle, and Bowser's castle. Try your best to assassinate Dry Bowser, a masked Bowser Jr, and a giant-sized Bowser.