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The playing rules of Sudoku

Sudoku is a brain-teaser puzzle game featuring difficult gameplay. Fill empty squares with numbers in order for every 3x3 square to have the numbers from 1-9.

In this game, you can see the 9x9 grid. Some squares in the grid are filled with digits while the others are empty. You need to fill in the appropriate numbers in these blanks. You just need to fill the grid to complete the game. This game will help you train your logical thinking ability when you have to solve difficult puzzles. The game has many levels from easy to insane to help you get used to the gameplay and train your brain. Are you ready to take part in the tough challenges of the game? Play and prove you are smart.

All levels of difficulty of Sudoku

This game offers five levels of difficulty from Easy to Insane. You can choose one of them to play. In addition, come back and play this game every day to join the Challenge Of The Day. Don't wait anymore! If you are interested in logic-based games such as Spider Solitaire, Wordle, and Octordle, check out this game now! It will put your logical thinking to the test.

  • In the Easy and Medium modes: These modes are quite easy to get you used to the gameplay of the game. You will fill in the appropriate numbers in the blanks. Since these are low levels, there are still quite a few hints. You rely on the remaining numbers on the map to find the right number. You complete the board and pass the challenge of the game. The fastest time you take to solve the puzzle will be saved and shown on the main screen of each level.
  • In the Hard and Very Hard mode: This game has become more challenging because many hints have been lost. It will take you longer to solve the puzzle. Sometimes you will have to guess to be able to fill in the blanks. However, when you get used to the gameplay of the game, you can still easily overcome these challenges of the game.
  • In the Insane mode: This mode is extremely difficult. The remaining numbers on the grid are very few, so it will be difficult for you to solve the puzzle. It will take you hours to solve the puzzles in this game. Only the smartest people can solve these puzzles. Are you among the smartest? Try to join this game.
  • Challenge of the day: There are daily challenges for you. These challenges are completely unexpected. The puzzle structure can be random between the levels from easy to insane. You will be surprised by what appears in this mode. Puzzles can be easy or difficult, this is unpredictable. Play and have stimulating experiences in this mode.

How to play


Your mission is to enter digits on these empty squares so that every 3x3 square in the grid has numbers from 1 to 9. Moreover, each row and column in the 9x9 grid must have numbers from 1-9. You just need to fill the empty cells on the grid to pass the level. Do you believe that you can complete the mission in this game? Play and prove your ability.


You use the mouse to fill in the numbers in the blanks. You click on the empty box and select the appropriate numbers from 1 to 9 below the grid. In addition, you can also combine both mouse and keyboard to control the game. You use the mouse and move to an empty cell on the grid. You press the number on the keyboard to fill the empty box. With simple gameplay, the game promises to bring you moments of entertainment. Do not be afraid to participate in this exciting game.


  • This is a rather difficult puzzle game. It requires you to have a good logical thinking ability to be able to solve puzzles. However, if you are new to the game you can also refer to our tips. You rely on the remaining numbers on the grid to fill in the remaining numbers. You should focus on a single one and find its missing location on the map. You align that number horizontally and vertically and place that number in a position that does not overlap with any other number.
  • You can also rely on the 3x3 grid to find the missing number. You compare the numbers 1 to 9 with the numbers on the 3x3 grid and fill in the missing number. This method can only be used when the 3x3 grid has only one empty cell.
  • You can also combine lines with a 3x3 grid. You compare the numbers that appear on the 3x3 grid with the numbers that appear on the horizontal and vertical lines to find the missing number.