Snakes And Ladders Ultra

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Description of Snakes And Ladders Ultra

A traditional board game that has been loved since ancient times is called Snakes And Ladders Ultra. With a roll of the dice, test your math skills and luck. You can play this game with 1-4 other players. Be the first to return to the castle. And hope you don't go into the box containing the snake!

Specifically how to play Snakes And Ladders Ultra

Snakes And Ladders Ultra board game has 100 squares and depends on chance. The player must rise to the top on each roll of the dice and return to the castle first.

Roll the dice, choose your color, then move your piece. You earn a free spin if you roll the dice six. This game can be played against AI or up to 4 of your friends.

The board is covered with a variety of snakes and ladders of different lengths. You slide to the furthest point from the castle if you land on the snake square, but you can climb the ladder and get close to the finish line if you land on the ladder.