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About Sedecordle

What is Sedecordle?

Sedecordle is a challenging word game with many game modes. Attempt to find 16 hidden words within twenty-one tries to get the highest score.

The gameplay is more difficult than the original version. If you have a wide vocabulary and are looking for something more challenging, this game is designed for you. Check it out and don't ignore similar games like Dordle and Crossword Connect on our website.

Attractive gameplay

This game offers four game modes which are Daily Sedecordle, Free Sedecordle, Daily Sedec-order, and Free Sedec-order. Choose one of them and start to play this game now. In this game, you will see 16 grids. Each grid has 5 columns and 21 rows. Your task is to find the hidden words in these grids. The letters of the hidden words must be included in the words in the rows and arranged in order. Moreover, remember that the hidden word of each grid is different. When you can figure out the target word of a grid, this grid will be highlighted with a green color. Do your best to guess all 16 hidden words in all 16 grids

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose letters on the screen or press the keys on your keyboard.

Effective tactics to find hidden words in the game

Look at the colors of the tiles

When you enter a word, the color of the tiles will alter. If you see the tiles changing to green, it means that the letters on these tiles are in the hidden word and in the right position. You should enter the next word which consists of the letters on the green tiles. If the tiles are yellow, it indicates that the letters on these tiles are in the target word but in the wrong position. On the next turn, you should enter the world containing these letters but change their positions. Finally, the gray tiles tell you that the letters on these tiles are not in the hidden word. Therefore, you should not enter the word consisting of these letters on the next turn. It is possible to say that the color of the tile is a useful hint which will assist you in winning the game.

Check all grids after entering a word

After each try, you need to check all 16 grids on the playing field. Check which one has more green tiles. Choose the grid that has many green tiles and start to guess the hidden word in this grid. Note that this strategy is only applied when you play the Daily Sedecordle and Free Sedecordle modes.

The words with many vowels help to find hidden words faster

At the start of the game, you should try finding the vowels in the target words first. It is a good idea to enter words that have two or four vowels such as MIAOU, ADIEU, AUDIO, AULOI, LOUIE, AUREI, and so on. When you can figure out the vowels in the hidden words, it is time to rearrange them.

More interesting things about Sedecordle

Available game modes

There are four game modes in this game. They have different gameplay.

  • Daily Sedecordle: In this mode, you are allowed to find any target word in any grid without following the order. After you complete the challenge in this mode, you must wait to join the next challenge on the next day. Therefore, play the game every day to participate in different interesting challenges in the game.
  • Free Sedecordle: Like the Daily Sedecordle mode, this mode also allows you to figure out any hidden words in any grid without following the order. However, in this mode, you can play as much as you want because the challenges in this mode are updated every second.
  • Daily Sedec-order: In this mode, you are required to guess the hidden words in the grids in order. You will start with the grid at the top left of the screen. After finding the target word of this grid, you will move to the grid at the right. Then, you will guess the target word in the grid under the one at the top left of the screen. Similarly, you need to guess all the words in order from left to right. Moreover, like the Daily Sedecordle mode, the next challenge in this mode will be updated on the next day. Therefore, you need to come back the next day if you want to join the next challenge.
  • Free Sedec-order: In this mode, you are requested to find the hidden words in order. However, you do not need to wait for the next day to attend the next challenge as the challenges in this mode are updated every second. You can play as much as you like.

Creator and Platform

This word-guessing game was made by Kenneth Crawford. It was released as a browser game that can be played on both PC and mobile devices such as PC or mobile phones.