Save The Dog

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Remarkable information about Save The Dog

The rules

Save The Dog is a hot puzzle game featuring many challenging levels. Draw a line to protect the dog from bees, lava, and water within 10 seconds.

You will be interested in this funny game. Your goal is so simple. Protect your dog from your enemies including bees, lava, water, or toxic water. Firstly, you need to use your pen around the dog. Click on the screen and start to draw a line to create a shield. Hold your finger or your mouse until you draw a satisfactory pattern. You can release your finger or mouse when you finish creating a shield around the dog. Then, wait for the bees to attack the dog. Keep your shield until the end of time. After you draw, you can not fix or draw anything. The allotted time to protect your dog is 10 seconds. If your dog can survive in that time, you will win the game. Conversely, if your dog was hit by bees, and fell into the lava or water, he will die. At that time, you will lose the game. In this game, you don't need to worry about ink and time, because they are unlimited. Your foes can push your shield if it is so light. Therefore, you need to draw carefully to create a strong shield to rescue your dog.

This game brings you 50 levels. On each level, you will have different terrain. You need to take advantage of them to beat the game easily. The higher you level up, the more difficult the game will be. When you finish a level, the game will automatically move to the next level. Try to overcome all the levels to experience a wonderful time and boost your logical thinking. Besides, don't forget to try playing other awesome games such as Tap Tap Shots, Wordle, and Klondike Solitaire on our website.

How to play:

On the computer: Use your mouse to play

On mobile phones: Tap and hold on the screen

Some interesting things about Save The Dog

Strategies to win all the levels

  • Firstly, in this version, you can draw and fill up the screen without fear of running out of ink. Use your pen to create as many barriers as possible.
  • Secondly, your enemies can push your shield or your barrier. You need to reinforce them carefully and certainly.
  • You can use a rule on your screen to draw accurately.
  • Sometimes, it is quite hard for you to protect your dog in the air. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the terrain of each level to save your dog.

History of this game

The game was developed by Funspace. It is playable on mobile phones and desktop devices such as computers, laptops, or Macs. It was released in September 2022. This game has many versions. Each version has different features. The version on PC is also distinctive from the version on mobile phones. With some versions, you need a lot of pressure. When you have limited time and limited ink. If you draw too much, you can not draw anymore and you will lose one star. On some levels, you need to draw in a limited time. If you can not do that, you need to play the game again.

Some useful information about Save The Dog

All the levels of the game

This game has a variety of levels with intensified difficulties. There are 40 levels of this gameplay. At each level, the difficulty of the game will increase. You need to face more challenges and enemies. The challenges and foes will also increase and be harder to deal with. The number of bees will increase and they will be stronger. Therefore, they can overturn your barrier easily and quickly. It requires you to pay attention or come back to the game to practice every day to boost your skill. After you pass through a level, the game will automatically move to the next level. Each level brings its own map or terrain. To win all the levels easily, you need to pay attention and take advantage of them to draw.

The enemies and difficulties in the game

It is a fact that each level will bring various enemies. You can easily be defeated by them if you don't have a special skill or logical thinking. In the first levels, you just stand in the land and deal with bees. In the next levels, you must face other foes such as bees, lava, water, sharp arrows, abysses, melting ice, fans, bombs, sharp rocks, spiders, wood boxes, black holes, and so on. They not only stay in one place, but they also move around your dog like moving up and down, turning left or right, or spinning around. They can be near or far from your position.