Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

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Become a warrior

You assume the character of a legendary stickman fighter in the video game Red Stickman: Fighting Stick. The time has come for you to join in a sword battle. You are forced to run and fight for your life since your adversaries are closing in on you. Ensure that you can overcome each challenge and complete the journey.

What happens in Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

When you come to this game, you can see a red stickman who will be the main character in this game. You will turn into this character. You are arrested in a dungeon. Try your best to escape from this terrible place. When being in this adventure, you have to face many challenging situations such as jumping over gaps, killing monsters, collecting the keys, and so on. Are you thinking about how I can beat dangerous monsters? Don't worry! You can find a big sword on the road on level 2. The power of the sword can help you defeat any enemies along the road. Utilize the sword effectively!

How to escape

In this adventure game, you must move around the dangerous castle platforms. With the aid of vivid pictures and other factors, you might be able to appreciate the challenging tasks that your red stickman must do. There are 100 levels to finish, and each one calls for precise platform navigation. At level 100, the massive boss makes an appearance for you to battle. As you move through the castle's passageways to the last episode, you will have access to extra features, such as the option to spin the wheel and gain more money. Additionally, you might be able to find additional animals or skins that you can utilize on your journey. You have the option to compete against waves of opponents in the arena mode to earn extra money. Keep the list of duties you were assigned from the missions button and take steps to protect your life. See if you can beat the timer and take the prize!

Notes when playing

You have limited lives. If the number of hearts runs out, the game is over. Each time the enemies attack you, you will lose one heart. Falling into the traps also takes one heart away.

You should use many support items such as magnet, rocks, movable platforms, etc to reach the exit door. Don't forget to collect the key to unlock this door. In case you don't like this game, you can try Minesweeper, Wordle, Monkey Mart and Kitty Scramble Stack Word.

What you can find on the main menu

There are many options for you on the main menu. You can upgrade, buy skins, pets, etc by pressing some buttons on the main menu of Red Stickman: Fighting Stick.


On a long road, you can't lack a partner. No people live in this dungeon, so you can grow a pet. The game offers three pets to choose from. All these pets can help you get more coins. However, each pet produces a different amount of coins.

  • Chicken Wing is a cute pet. (5 coins per 5 seconds)
  • Beelzebub automatically collect coins near it (10 coins per 5 seconds)
  • Peace Maker revives you one on a level. (10 coins per 5 seconds).

You can find the first pet on the way. However, watching advertisements is required to unlock two other pets.


The mission section is created to make this game more attractive. There are many different tasks like collecting 5000 coins, spin 10 times in Lucky Spin, kill 50 Slime enemies, etc. After completing a mission, you will get a huge number of coins.


Skins are divided into 3 main types including Premium, Rescue and Coins. The Premium skins can be opened if you watch enough ads. To Coins skins, you can use coins to unlock random and you can't choose your favorite skins. Finally, the Rescue skins are easy to get. You just rescue these stick men who have these skins to unlock them. You don't need money or to watch ads to try them. In the skin section, you also can see many kinds of weapons. Of course, you can try them by watching ads. Although these weapons have a unique appearance, their power is the same.


You can see the gift section on the screen. You can flip the cards to get some interesting gifts. Before receiving the gift, you must watch ads.


Lucky spin always attracts players in every game. You have only one chance to spin. This chance can come back after 24 hours. If you want to spin more than one time in 24 hours, watching an advertisement is necessary. You can get some exciting rewards from this spin such as lives, coins, and so on.

Control the character

You may navigate around with the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar or left click.