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Remarkable information about Qwordle

The rules

Check out Qwordle which is a super challenging word game. In this game, your objective is to guess two hidden words within six tries to win the game.

This game is the Quantum version of Wordle. Therefore, their gameplay is fairly identical. This game requires you to find one of two hidden words. Each word has five letters. Enter meaningful words on the rows of the 5x6 grid to guess the letters that are involved in the hidden words. You will win if one of the target words is found. In contrast, you will lose if you cannot find the hidden words when the grid is full. Besides, our website presents many amazing word games such as Taylordle, Word Cookies Online - Farm Life, and Octordle. Check them out!

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose letters on the screen or press the keys on your keyboard.

Developer and Platform

This exciting word game was developed by a group of Wordle fans. It is playable on both PC and mobile devices, so you can play it anywhere and at any time. Right after being launched, this game won the hearts of many players from all over the world. It is considered to be one of the best word games that you need to add to your game arsenal.

Remarkable features of Qwordle

Daily challenges

In this game, you have to join the daily challenges. It means that after figuring out the hidden words on this day, you need to wait for the next day to join another challenge. Note that each day will have distinct hidden words. These words will not be repeated in the next challenges. Come back and play this game every day to find interesting words with this game now. If you cannot wait, you can adjust your local time to move to the next challenge soon. Do not forget to share the game with your friends or relatives and invite them to play with you.

The statistics board

After beating the game, the statistics board will be displayed. This statistics board shows the total tries, success rate, current streak, and best streak. The best streak means the times you win the game constantly. It will come back to zero if you cannot figure out the hidden words at any time. Contrarily, the current streak also presents the times you win, but it will not return zero when you lose. Besides, you can look at the statistics board to know more about the guess distribution. Share it with your friends or relatives if you get the highest streak.

Some effective tactics to win Qwordle

Utilize the color hints

After entering a word, you will see the colors of the tiles changing. These colors will tell you whether you are right or not. Therefore, you should look at these colors to guess the right words. Here are some colors you should know.

  • Gray tiles: These tiles indicate that the letters on the tiles are not in hidden words. Therefore, you should not enter the words consisting of gray letters one more time.
  • Complete-filled yellow tiles: These tiles mean that the letters on these tiles are in the target words but in the wrong position. You need to change their positions when entering the next word.
  • Half-filled yellow tiles: If half of the tile is yellow and another half of the tile is gray, it means that the letter on this tile is in one of the target words but in the wrong position. Therefore, you can use this letter when entering the next word.
  • Complete-filled green tiles: These tiles tell you that they are in both target words and in the right position. You should not change their position on the next attempt.
  • Half-filled green tiles: Finally, if half of the tile is green and another half of the tile is gray, it indicates that the letter on this tile is in one of the hidden words and in the right position.

Find the vowels first and then consonants in the hidden words

At the start of the game, you have to try figuring out the vowels in the target words by entering the words which have many vowels. For example, you can enter some words like AUREI, LOUIE, MIAOU, OUIJA, ADIEU, AUDIO, AULOI, IRATE, SAUTE, CAUSE, CAMEO, ARGUE, ALIEN, and so on. If you can find the right vowels in the hidden word, your search scale will be narrowed down. After the vowels of the target words are found, it is time to identify the consonants in the hidden word. You should enter any word that does not contain the gray consonants. Moreover, this word must have many consonants. For instance, you can enter some words like GLYPH, TRYST, MYRRH, SYLPH, GWYNN, PSYCH, CRYPT, LYNCH, LYMPH, and so on. Ultimately, when the vowels and consonants of the hidden words are found. Attempt to arrange them in the correct order on the final try.