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About Popword

Popword is an educational game that helps you learn new words, improve your vocabulary and explore languages. If you are an English learner or are intending to learn and improve your English ability, you should not miss this game. Letters will be wrapped in balls, and more and more balls containing such letters will fall from above, How many English words can you find from matching adjacent letters in the game? Use this innovative and modern learning method on the vocabulary building method. If you want to try your hand at one of the most famous intellectual gameplay of all time, play Popword!

Combine letters to make meaningful words in Popword

Play Popword by clicking and dragging across adjacent letters in the grid and releasing the mouse button when you have selected the letter must be directly next to the previously selected letter either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. If the word you have selected is a valid English word the letters will "pop" away and the letters above them will fall to take their place. A growing number of letters are being added from above, so move quickly. You will go on to the next level if you can survive until the timer hits zero. A word can have a maximum of 8 letters. The objective of the game is to keep the grid from overflowing by bursting words as more letters fall from the top of the screen while you play. For each word you "pop", you receive points. Greater points are awarded to longer words than shorter ones. There are a few other unique letters that can both assist and hinder.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

Some interesting features of Popword

Popword is a game with a simple design but contain interesting game features. When participating in solving puzzles in this brain game, you will see very clearly that the success of the game is partly due to the features that make players find more enjoyable.

Your score in Popword

Coming to this game, one-third of your screen will be used to display your time, words, and score. In Popword, you have 100 seconds to try to complete the task. During this time, your goal is to try to find the English word and put it out, into the box containing the words that mean the word you find. If in that time you can find many words and make sure the screen is not filled with letters, you will be the winner. Moreover, in the bottom corner of the screen is where your score is displayed. It will constantly be updated every time you choose a new word. Moreover, Popword has a very fair scoring method. You will only get points when you find a word with 3 or more letters and a maximum of 8 letters. In particular, the longer the word you find, the higher the score you will receive. For example, if you find a word containing 3 letters, you will only get 5 points, but for each word containing 4 letters, you will get 20 points. Try to find such long words so that your score is increased quickly and that is also a way to prevent the screen from being invaded by letters quickly.

Other supporting tools in Popword

This game is not a meticulously designed game but still contains the necessary features of a game to keep gamers interested. Popword provides players with a leaderboard where the high scores are displayed. Try to score more points to see your efforts and progress through this top scores section. Moreover, it also shows that you already know more English vocab. In addition, Popword also helps players quickly get acquainted with the game through its guide. If you are a new player, you may be a bit confused when you first start the game. Don't worry, you can read through the tutorial before starting the game to see how to score points in this impressive mind game.

What makes Popword one of the favorite games

Like to Wordle, Disney Word Play, and 1 Word 6 Tries, Popword is a fun puzzle game to hone players' vocabulary, English spelling, and thinking skills. Enjoy exciting challenges as you identify the words to find, and click on the letters in the correct order to make a meaningful word. Then drag the word to the search box on the right to make them disappear. Besides, players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Popword without being distracted by the game's simple design and gameplay with the sole purpose of helping you focus and improve your vocabulary. Overall, Popword is a perfect crossword puzzle game for fans of mind games and is also a reasonable entertainment and time-killer for any audience, whether adults or children. Moreover, the words and their arrangement in Popword are also very diverse. Use your creativity and vocabulary to conquer this game.