Pokemon Link

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In Pokemon Link, the creators of the Nintendo 3DS show players a game of finding identical Pokemon. In this game, your goal is to link every Pokemon.

Specific about Pokemon Link

Pokemon Link is a fun time killing game. By choosing two identical Pokemon, you have reduced the surface area of the game. The game will end if you have eliminated all Pokemon on the screen or time runs out when you have not eliminated all Pokemon. Simple job is to choose two identical Pokemon, sounds very simple right? That's right, but there is still another requirement that you can only choose 2 identical Pokemon but not be blocked by any other Pokemon. When you click on a Pokemon and the second Pokemon, they will either be removed by the system on the screen or nothing will change. You will probably be dizzy if you are pressured for time running out. Stay calm and play hard. Do you want to conquer and remove all Pokemon on the screen before the allotted time runs out?

How to play

Click the mouse to Pokemon which you want.