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About Pink

The blocks obscure the lovely pink backdrop. So that we can retrace our walls, you must use your way to eliminate every single one of them. Keep in mind that you need to aim correctly.

Let's play Pink

True to its name is Pink. Each one, will have its own set of obstacles. However, its ultimate purpose is to make the screen turn pink. Do whatever it takes to make the wallpaper pink. If it is too difficult for you, you can also use hints to help you. Play with your friends so they can help you. This is good right? Let's pass our levels. How much can you play. Conquer all levels of the game, your thinking ability will be raised to a new level.


  • An interesting puzzle game that incorporates physics
  • Sraightforward game mechanics
  • More challenging
  • Fullscreen is available, nice music


Use you Mouse to turn the wall pink.