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You may put your wit to the test, expand your vocabulary with the interesting logic in Outspell. A scrabble-style word and spelling game in English.

You must direct your ideas in the appropriate ways. Instead than waiting for your opponent to take the initiative, move first. Your cunning enemies are waiting for you to attempt to perform a powerful magic while they are concealed in an ambush. Utilize the twist in this game to your advantage and eliminate your opponent as soon as you can. Make to glance at the panel at the bottom of the screen as often as you can for all the numbers' tips.

Get ready to have some fun by deciding how difficult you want. When you create words with the letters you currently have, you may combine those letters with those on the board. It should come as no surprise that each letter is worth a specific number of points, the more letters you utilize, the more points you will get. The game's difficulty level grows as you advance through it, while at the same time, the options you have become less plentiful.

How to play

To begin the game, click the mouse.