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Description of Octordle

Check out Octordle which is a brain-teaser eight-word version of the Wordle game. You are required to guess eight five-letter words within 13 attempts. Each day, the daily word will be changed, so you only have a maximum of 24 hours to know the answer of a day. This feature will make this game more exciting. Players are always curious about the answer.

What is Octordle?

If you are a fan of word-guessing games, you may be familiar with Wordle. If you only guess one daily word in Wordle, you must guess 8 words at the same time. Therefore, the difficulty of Octordle will be more challenging than Wordle. This version was created by Kenneth Crawford. You must guess 8 words, so you can see 8 grids on the screen. Of course, all these grids will operate independently. Only pro players can have the correct answer, Some others give up after many tries. You will have 13 tries for all grids. No one can deny the word-guessing game's appeal. Although they have very simple graphics, the gameplay can surprise you.

Available game modes in Octordle

This game offers six modes: Daily, Daily Sequence, Daily Rescue, Free, Free Sequence, and Free Rescue. In the Daily mode, the puzzle will be updated every day. In the Daily Sequence mode, you must find the words in sequence. In the Daily Rescue, four rows in the grids are filled at the start of the game. All you need to do is to fill the other rows with letters to find the hidden words. Many modes with different features can bring much fun for you. Now let's choose your favorite mode first and start the game.

The mechanics of Octordle

The gameplay of this game is fairly identical to other word games such as Quordle, Foodle, Wordle, and Sedecordle. In this game, you need to fill eight grids with letters to find eight hidden five-letter words. Remember that you have 13 chances. You will lose if you cannot find all hidden words when the grids are full. You can look at the colors of the letters to know how close your guess was to the word. The green color means that this letter is in hidden words and the right order. The yellow color indicates that this letter is in hidden words but in the wrong order. The gray color means that this letter is not in the hidden words.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to choose letters on the screen or press the keys on your keyboard.

Exercise your brain with Octordle

This game seems to be an educational puzzle game. Children also can play this game to enhance their vocabulary. When you constantly think about something, your brain will also be exercised. When you work together to find the daily word, you will also help train your mind. However, looking at the screen for too long is also not good for your eyes. Games will be a great way for students to practice vocabulary at school. When dry lessons are integrated into games, lessons become more interesting for students.

Quick help for beginner in Octordle

The first word

You can eliminate many wrong letters or get many correct letters with the first word. Therefore, to come close to the correct answer, you should avoid repeating the letters in one word. The letters should be popular vowels or consonants.

No limited time

You don't need to finish the answer too quickly because the time is unlimited. You can spend all day finding the daily word in this game. Of course, to have the correct answer for this game, time is necessary.

Look for the answer

The daily word is too difficult for you to explore. Although you spend a lot of time playing this game, you can't find the final answer. It's better to look for the answer on the Internet. It's up to you.

Create comfortable environment

You have to pay attention to this game, so you should play in a silent environment. No one likes trying to concentrate on something in a place full of noise. Playing in your room also is a great idea.


How many tries do I have in Octordle?

You will have 13 tries in this game.

Are there 13 tries for each word?

No, one try will be applied in 8 grids.

Should I play this game on my tablet?

It's up to you. You can experience it on a mobile, tablet, desktop, etc thanks to HTML5 technology.

How many modes are there in this game?

There are six modes. You can explore all these modes gradually.

Does this game have simple control?

Yes, just use the keyboards to type the answer. You also can click the mouse on the virtual keyboards on the screen.