Ninja Cut

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Play Ninja Cut to enjoy a fresh puzzle game with action, swiping, skill, and arcade components. You'll definitely enjoy this game, which is really entertaining. Keep your ninja skills up to date in Ninja Cut to vanquish your opponents! Every single one of your adversaries is here, and you are fighting them all by yourself. Can you muster the bravery and be prepared to play the hero?

What Is Ninja Cut

Ninja Cut refers to an online game on our Wordle website where you can participate in battles between ninjas and thugs. You will transform into a ninja to fight and destroy your enemies.

This entertaining game is a combination of puzzle games and action games. Before you can take out your enemies, you have to think of a way to reach them. Therefore, this action game will also give you educational lessons where you can improve your thinking ability.

Are you ready to join this puzzle game? Although this game belongs to the puzzle genre like Apple Worm, you do not need to worry too much about its difficulty. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty. You can train your abilities in easy levels and progress to difficult levels. As a result, you can learn and gain a lot of experience to solve challenges. Good luck!

Before you start playing, take a few seconds to enter the settings to set up the game's sound and music. Sound will make the game more interesting. This is also the only option in the settings.

Now, it's time to start an official game!

Difficulties And Challenges

To complete the assigned tasks at each stage, all you need to do is aim precisely enough and kill your enemies. You must overcome the difficulties of each level and eliminate the enemies one at a time.

The number of your enemies through each level is different. Besides, your enemies can stand in many different positions. This makes it difficult for you to complete the level objective because you only have a limited number of moves. If you use up all the moves without killing all the enemies, the game is over.

Besides, this puzzle game also challenges you with the obstacles and terrain of the map. There are obstacles like wooden sticks or walls that stand between you and the enemy. There are obstacles you can destroy. However, there are obstacles that can't be hurt. You need to move them to another location before you can attack your enemies. As for the destructible obstacles, you can simply destroy them directly and move to the location of the opponents. The terrain is also very diverse. There may be deep pits or high floors. All make it difficult for players to conquer this arcade game.

How To Beat Challenges In The Ninja Cut Game

When in trouble, take advantage of the special abilities of the ninja to complete your mission. You will be throwing your entire body at your opponent when playing the traditional way. While you try to hit your target, you can climb the walls and cling to them. Climb the walls to kill enemies more conveniently.

Moreover, your ninja can take down dozens of enemies at once in a straight line. Therefore, choose the angle for the ninja to move in the most suitable way to kill as many opponents as possible in one move.

In addition, you can assault your opponents by killing them in the other two modes: bombs and kunais on the main screen.


You have to destroy your enemies by throwing bombs. Your number of bombs is limited. Therefore, aim carefully before throwing to not waste any bombs.


This mode allows you to use kunais to destroy enemies. Your Kunai can kill multiple enemies at once if they stand in the same line. Note the number of kunai is also limited.

Regardless of the level, in order to go on to the next level, you must engage with the environment and eliminate all of the enemies there. View your performance in this fun action game!

Prizes Received

After each level, you can get prizes like coins. In particular, you can receive one of the three treasure chests. In these reels, there will be different prizes.

Besides, you can get many different outfits for your ninja character. You need to reach a certain number of levels to collect skins. Each skin is unique.

How To Control

Release the left click after moving the mouse to set your aim before firing at enemies or other targets. It is easy to control your character.

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