Mr Bean Rocket Recycler

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Mr Bean has a dream of becoming an astronaut and he hasn't lost hope in that dream. At Mr Bean Rocket Recycle, help Mr Bean to make his dream come true.

Mr. Bean needs your assistance to recycle a complete space rocket, and in order to do that, he must first solve a large number of arithmetic questions before starting over with his rocket.

Mr. Bean will separate a large number of rocket parts into two groups. Each rocket will have a number on it, and you will notice that the numbers will be placed in two buckets. Once the pieces have been sliced in half, you must add the numbers to ensure that the rocket parts may be recycled. To begin counting the numbers, divide the pieces in half, set them in the buckets, and even ensure that you submit the correct response, all you need to do is use the mouse.

The recycled rocket will be launched when you and Mr. Bean have filled up the start gage on the top screen with all the points you will win for each and every one of the accurate arithmetic answers. You have to make sure that you launch the rocket before you lose all of Mr. Bean's six "lives," which are opportunities for you to solve the arithmetic problem.