Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart

Monkey decided to start earning money to improve his life by selling ripe bananas in Monkey Mart. Help this hard-working and friendly monkey get rich quickly.

Your mission in Monkey Mart

She must first outfit her workspace before the monkey goes on sale. You will be given a little amount of in-game money for this, which you should spend to construct a counter with a cash register, arrange a location to store bananas, and arrange beds for growing them. You must use the mouse to guide the monkey to the zones that have been designated on the map for this reason. After that, you'll need to assist her with harvesting, storing, and counting customers. The top left corner of the screen shows an accumulation of all earned money. They'll give you access to a number of enhancements and let you grow the monkey's company. The latter is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. For instance, it will be possible to boost the monkey's endurance, enabling it to carry more bananas from the garden to the wooden tray.

Some suggestions for you

Monkey Mart is an idle simulation game where you embark on a challenging relaxing journey to run your very own mini-mart. You grow organic plants, take care of animals and sell products to customers, and build and expand supermarkets. This is a dynamic entertaining game. You start by selling produce from your garden behind the store, placing the product on shelves to deliver to customers. Your goal in the game is to move as fast as you can to collect food and stack it on shelves to sell as many products as possible and attract more and more customers. Monkey Mart is a very suitable game for players looking for a fun game that can kill time. In addition to this game, there are many other games like Wordle, Sedecordle, and Dordle that can also meet this demand of gamers.

How to play

Use the mouse to play this game.

Exciting features in Monkey Mart

As an owner, you are in charge of all production and sales to run a small supermarket. Start by harvesting bananas from your garden and selling them to customers. Then apply the game features to improve the supermarket step by step.

Supermarket expansion

Supermarkets should not only sell one product because your customers will need to buy different products, In addition to bananas, they also buy corns, eggs, milk, etc. Therefore, you should also add these items to sell to your customers, as well as expand the supermarket and earn more money. Overall Monkey Mart is an exciting and fun action and management game where you can try your hand at running a supermarket and help it grow.

Hire more staffs to support you

In this game, you will increasingly expand your supermarket with more items. Therefore, you will need to hire other monkey employees to help you harvest the agricultural products, arrange the products on the shelves, and hire more cashiers to help you pay. The work will be more and more, so don't forget to upgrade these employees to make them more efficient. Moreover, when working too much, sometimes your employees, and even the animals you keep such as dairy cows and chickens, will also fall asleep. However, if they all sleep like that, you won't be able to serve your customers in time. Therefore, regularly pay attention to them and wake them up to continue working.

Buy more accessories for your character in Monkey Mart

In this game, besides doing the supermarket business and making a lot of money, don't forget to make your character look fashionable. To do so, you can buy fashion accessories for it in the game's store. There are many different types of hats and bows here. Moreover, the more beautiful and special costumes, the higher the price will be. Make your monkey look like the owner of a popular supermarket!

Tips for players when joining Monkey Mart

Coming to this game, although there are many things to buy and upgrade, you should not be too hasty to invest in something. Save money to use for necessary purposes first and then pay for other purposes later. If you can do that then your supermarket business will be able to go more smoothly. Monkey Mart has tons of work to do, so never stand still while working. Letting the character run around, and find out what to replenish,... will help players earn cash faster by serving customers right when they need it. People should just stand still when buying a new display stand or spending money on something. People will encounter situations in their hands holding a lot of vegetables and fruits with nowhere to put them. At that time, the player is free to throw the goods in the crate and immediately run to perform other tasks. Also, in this game, sometimes naughty baby monkeys come to your supermarket and drop products on the floor. Don't forget to clean and organize.