Money Land

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Become a billionaire

You may manipulate massive sums of money in the game Money Land to experience the power of wealth. As a consequence, put effort into creating the city you want.

Everybody knows that earning money isn't easy in real life. Some people have to work 8 hours/per day to get money and some must work all day and night. This is different in Money Land. There is no boss, and no stressful work in this game, but you still collect a lot of money. The dream of becoming a rich person can easily come true in this virtual world. In this game, you can see a lot of cash on the road, in front of the building. You just need to go through them to collect them. This game has simple rules such as Disney Word Play, The Loud House Word Links, Wordle, 1 Word 6 Tries, etc. Then, you will use your money to invest other income. From that, you will have a lot of income at the same time. You can have a relaxing time when you enjoy this game. With simple gameplay and easy control, children can play this arcade game.

Build your land

You take on the role of autonomous systems in the game. You may build brand-new structures and access additional land areas with the money you earn. You'll have chances to boost your revenue thanks to these arrangements. The more buildings you unlock, however, you may also achieve this by increasing your ability to gather money and your movement speed, the more you'll be able to make. This may be expensive, or perhaps you might win things simply by watching advertisements.

Get money to unlock new buildings

Remember that as you continue to earn money and unlock more structures, you may expand your working area by building more roads with the money you earn. Let's attempt to convince you to cut back on your gaming playing. Money Land will appeal to everyone who enjoys playing construction-themed video games. One of the best money games for kids is the interesting tycoon game Money Land! It will be harder to maintain your money rush if the city grows quicker. All you have to do to go back to your investing game is take a bike and move quickly.

You should note something

In the beginning, your character will move around at a slow speed. You can use the money to upgrade your speed. That directly affects the speed of collecting money.

When you unlock all buildings in an area, you can expand the district with money. The new area will contain a lot of new construction which needs to be unlocked.

You do not only use the money to buy more construction or object, but you can also upgrade the character's features such as movement speed, collection speed, and capacity. Moreover, after you own many different lands, you can buy upgrades for district income or district workers. Moving between the districts is quite challenging because of the large size. Therefore, it is hard to come back to the starting points to collect much money, so district income is very necessary.

Although you can increase your movement speed or capacity, using a vehicle also is recommended. Sometimes, you can see a bike or scooter on the road. Let's utilize them. However, you have to watch short ads to use them.

Watching short ads can be used instead of paying money. I think it will be quicker and more convenient.

In this construction game, you can put many buildings to operate. They can be a shop, a dinner restaurant, a donuts shop, hiring apartments, and so on. All these operated buildings will help you get much more profit.


Does this game run on the mobile phone?

Yes, you can experience this game on mobile, tablet, computer, and so on. You just need to connect your device with the Internet, you can play Money Land directly on our website.

How many levels are there in this game?

This game has no level. You can unlock new districts with different buildings.

Is Money Land unlocked at school?

Yes, you can have fun with your friends at the school because this game doesn't have violent pictures.

How long do I need to download this game?

You don't need to install this game on your device. Just visit our website and play!

Does it have complex control?

No, the control is extremely simple.

How to control

To move the character through the streets of the city, click the mouse.