Minecraft Online

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About Minecraft Online

Addictive gameplay of Minecraft Online

Minecraft Online is the online version of Minecraft which is a 3D sandbox game. Enter the infinite world, gather resources, and construct everything you want.

What do you do when you have the power to create your own world? Play this game and show us. In this game, you will be teleported to an infinite world. In this world, you need to do anything you want in order to make it more beautiful and unique. First, you can run around and gather as many resources as possible. Use your ax to dig blocks such as grass blocks, stone blocks, and so on. In addition, you can mine valuable ores such as iron, redstone, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, copper, coal, and emerald.

When your inventory is full of resources, it is time to craft. Choose ingredients in the inventory to produce new tools and blocks which will assist you a lot. Besides crafting, you can use resources to construct your house and any structures you want. Moreover, you can use the brewing stand to create potions. Mix different ingredients to create the potion that you want. You can consume this potion or throw it at the mobs. If you want to upgrade your tools, armor, and weapons, use the enchanting. Attempt to accumulate as much experience as possible and place bookshelves around the enchanting table if you want to access more powerful enchanting. The stronger the enchanting is, the more powerful its effect is.

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How to control

  • Press WASD/Cursor Keys/Mouse to move.
  • Press space to jump (Double jump to hover).
  • Press left/right click to mine/place items.
  • Press 1-9 to select item slots.
  • Press a T key to throw the Item.
  • Press a C key to add trees.

Additional information about Minecraft Online

Various Mobs

In this game, you are not alone as you can find animals and other creatures called mobs on the map. Some of them will attack you while the other ones will not do that. There are three kinds of mobs which are passive mobs, hostile mobs, and event mobs.

  • Passive mobs: These mobs include pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, horses, rabbits, bats, and fish. They can be killed for food or bred. Therefore, they are necessary for physical recovery. You can find them anywhere on the map.
  • Hostile mobs: In this game, your rivals are hostile mobs including zombies, skeletons, spiders, witches, creepers, and endermen. They are very dangerous as they will actively attack you. You must use the weapons you crafted to fight against these mobs.
  • Event mobs: Besides the above mobs, you can see many mobs which revive only on occasion or in specific biomes, places, or times. They are spider jockeys, slimes, cats, villagers, wolves, evokers, pandas, parrots, and so on. Some of them can be raised as pets. You apply different methods to tame them. For example, if you want to tame wolves, just give them bones. If you want to tame cats, feed them with raw cod or raw salmon.
  • Other mobs: In addition to the three kinds of mobs above, you can see other mobs in the Nether. They are ghasts, zombified piglins, piglins, wither skeletons, blazes, magma cubes, and striders. Some of them can attack you by shooting fireballs at you. However, some of them can be used to summon other bosses. The rest will provide ingredients, blocks, and coal.
  • The ender dragon: It is the big boss in this game. If you can kill this dragon, you can return to the Overworld.

The Nether and The End

If you can reach a nether portal, you will enter the dimension called The Nether. In this dimension, you will see five unique biomes. They are the crimson and warped forests, the nether wastes, the basalt deltas, and the soul sand valleys. Each biome features a distinct generation and terrain. For example, some biomes have nether gold, ancient debris, nether quartz, oceans, and lava.

Furthermore, besides the nether, you can enter The End which is another dimension in this game. Try to find an end portal in the stronghold to enter this dimension. In this dimension, you can see many obsidian pillars. There are many end crystals at the top of these pillars. The ender dragon will consume them to heal its wounds. After murdering the big boss in this dimension, you need to find an end gateway portal near the edge of the map. If you enter this portal, you will reach the expansive outer End islands. Explore wonderful islands and find useful resources. Note that you cannot find ores in the End.

Creator and Platform

This game was developed by Mojang Studios which is a part of Xbox Game Studios. It was released on November 18, 2011. This game is also playable on both PC and mobile devices.