Merge Blast

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Are you ready to participate in an action game, called Merge Blast? Come to this entertaining game to enjoy your free time with intense matches.

This game belongs to the shooting genre where you need to use your aim and shoot ability to conquer this game. It is quite different from Wordle, one of the most popular puzzle games on our website. Each genre will give players different experiences. Choose your favorite category for relaxation and entertainment. Games on our website will not let you down. In particular, you can play games online for free. All you need to do is to access our website and choose your favorite game!

Walkthroughs To Fight In Merge Blast


You must use a cannon to protect your castle from enemy attacks in the interesting war game Merge Blast. This game was designed by Ember Whirl. You are advised to experience the ultimate action-puzzle game fusion for yourself. Let's find out how effective you are and how far you can advance.

In this action game, you must improve your weaponry in order to fire the boulders as effectively as you can as they drop. To shoot, click the left mouse button after dragging the mouse to aim. You must continually blast rocks in order to gather enough of them to complete a level. If you can't trigger the rock, it will fall to the ground and kill you. Smash the rocks as quickly as you can while they are still in the air. But for this to happen faster, we need better weaponry. Putting your existing weapons together might make them stronger. A weapon with the number two will have a larger firing capacity, for example, if two weapons with the number one on them are combined. Shoot the rocks now with all your might to collect money so you may purchase additional guns.

Note that there are numbers in the blocks. You need to hit the blocks corresponding to this number to destroy them.


The gameplay of this game is simple. You can play this entertaining game easily. However, when you destroy blocks, you will face some difficulties. Blocks will be dropped continuously and many blocks will fall at the same time. You have to fight multiple blocks at once. It is difficult to counter damage to your castle because you cannot shoot all the blocks at once.

Besides, the blocks will fall, collide with the castle, and bounce before continuing to fall. The constant movement of blocks will make it difficult for you to shots. In many cases, you aim to shoot blocks, but the block moves to another position before the bullet hits the block. So how to solve this problem?

First, you need to determine the direction of movement of the blocks whether the block will move up or down. Second, aim the blocks at a suitable distance to ensure that the blocks will move to that location within the bullet's travel time.

Note that you have a few hearts at the bottom of the play screen. If the blocks collide with the castle, the number of hearts will gradually decrease. When the number of hearts is exhausted, the game will be over.

Remarkable Features

Vivid 2D Graphics

Although this game is designed with 2D graphics, you can still experience great matches. The graphics of this game are great to participate in the cannon vs block match. In particular, the images have eye-catching colors. The main colors of this action game are purple and orange. Those are the 2 colors that make us more enthusiastic and calm.

Besides the graphics, the effects of this game are also noticeable. Look at the bounces of the blocks to clearly see the amazing effect of this game.

Assemble Puzzle Components

Although this entertaining game belongs to the shooting genre, it also gives you interesting puzzles. How to aim accurately? How to identify angles to shoot successfully? Which block should be fired first? All of these questions require your answer. Prepare yourself mentally before playing the Merge Blast game because it is more challenging than you think.

All 25 Levels

This game offers you 25 different levels. Each level is a challenge. The higher the level, the harder the challenge. At high levels, the number of blocks will be more and the drop speed of blocks will be different. You need to cope with the increasingly difficult changes of this action game.


Click the left mouse button to shoot, then drag the mouse to aim. It is easy to play. However, in reality, when you play this game, you will feel difficulty while aiming. Moving and firing with a mouse is difficult and gives you a strange feeling. You will need to practice many times before mastering this control.