Master Chess

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About Master Chess

The game rules

Compete with other professional chess players in Master Chess. Take control of your pieces to checkmate your opponent's king to become the winner.

If you are a big fan of chess, this game is so suitable for you. To start the game, you need to choose your mode and level. There are 2 modes and 3 levels for you to choose from. You can check your skill head-to-head with AI enemies. Besides, you can invite your friends to play with you in another mode. You also need to choose the level. If you are a beginner, let's choose the 1-star level. If you master chess, you can choose the 3-star level.

In the game, you and your opponent will control the pieces one after another. Use your knowledge and experiment in chess to move. Remember that each piece will have a unique way to move. You just can move one time and can not redo the move. Therefore, think carefully to have the moves wisely. Control your pieces to kick all of the pieces of your enemy. Make your enemy out of the chess table and checkmate the king of your opponent. Create effective strategies to defeat your enemy quickly. The time is limited, so you need to think faster. The faster you move, the higher score you will get. The highest score you can get is 5000. Each second your score will lose 1 point.

If your opponent checkmates your king first, you will lose. The game will draw if all of you can not checkmate the opponent's king in the ruled time. When you can checkmate the king of your enemy and he can not move anymore, you will be the winner. After winning the game, you can try higher levels or invite your friend to play with you. If you are keen on this game, don't ignore other interesting games such as 2048, Mahjongg Dimensions 3D, and Wordle on our website. Don't miss the chance to become a chess grandmaster.

How to control

  • Computer: Use your mouse to play
  • Mobile phone: Hold and tap on your screen

Unknown things about Master Chess

Some tricks and tips for the game

  • Each piece has its own way to move. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can read the instructions for each piece. They can not move if the move is wrong.
  • A wrong move can make you become the loser quicker. You need to think carefully. If you have an unwise move, your opponents can take advantage of it.
  • You need to pay attention to both your move and your opponent's move. The most effective strategy is that you need to predict the possible move of your opponent. Each move also has its own benefit. Don't be subjective to small moves. They can become big moves on the chess table.
  • Time is an important element in the game. You need to think quickly and make a fast move.

Developer and Platform

This game was released in March 2018. It was created by Code This Lab. You can play this game on web browsers such as desktops and mobile phones.

Some helpful information about Master Chess

Pieces on the chess table

To beat the game, you need to clearly understand the direction of each piece. On the chess table, there are 32 pieces. They include 16 pawns, 4 rooks, 4 knights, 4 bishops, 2 queens, and 2 kings. They are evenly divided on either side. The table chess will be divided into some small squares which have the same size and different colors. A pawn can move 2 short steps in the first move and 1 short step in other moves. It kicks the opponent's pieces in diagonal rows. A rook can kick and move many long steps in horizontal and vertical rows. A knight moves at the diagonal angle of a square. A bishop can only move diagonally and can move long steps. Queen is a piece that has the strongest power. It can move everywhere on the chess table in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal rows. Therefore, you need to keep this piece to use for eliminating the queen of your opponent. On the chess table, a king is an important piece. This piece just can move one short step to avoid the checkmate of enemies. You need to control other pieces to protect the king from your enemies. You will take responsibility for white pieces. Your opponent will play for the black pieces.

Game modes

In this game, you can choose interesting game modes. There are 2 modes for you to play including 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In the first mode, you can check your ability and knowledge of chess when head-to-head with IA enemies directly. They are so strong, so you need to put more effort to defeat them. The second mode is the 2-player mode. You can invite your friend to play with you on this game. The rules of the game are still kept.