Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

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About Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

The gameplay

Play Mahjongg Dimensions 3D to enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment. Connect two identical blocks to remove them from the cube in the shortest time.

If you are looking for a relaxed and entertaining game, this game is very suitable for you. The gameplay of this game is similar to Mahjong Alchemy. In this game, you will see a cubic mahjong block including 16 squares. You need to match 2 blocks that have identical symbols and are not covered by other blocks. Remember that you can not match 2 blocks that are blocked by others. After you find them, click on these blocks to remove them. Get rid of all the blocks until all of them completely disappear. With each block you remove, you will get a score. When you can not find any similar blocks, you can rotate the mahjongg block to find and remove more blocks. Your time is limited, so you need to find an identical mahjongg as quickly as possible. The key to winning the game and getting a high score is speed. The faster you remove them, the higher score you will get. If you find 2 similar blocks in less than 2 seconds, you will get a double score. Besides, you can get a fivefold bonus for the same pattern consecutively.

After you finish a mahjong block, you can move to the next level. There are many levels for you to overcome. You will have 15 minutes to complete these levels. Therefore, you need to remove as many blocks as possible and complete as many levels as you can before you run out of time. The higher you level up, the harder the block will be. After you finish, you can see your score again. In addition, don't miss trying other amazing games such as Wordle, Magical Jigsaw, and Diagonal Sudoku on our website.

How to play

  • Computer

Click your left mouse to remove the identical blocks

Press the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to rotate your block

  • Mobile phone

Hold and tap on your screen

Unknown things about Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

Some tricks and tips about the game

  • Match the most delectable blocks at first. When you see blocks that can be removed, you need to get rid of them quickly. If you miss them, you can waste time trying to find other blocks.
  • Keep the blocks that you haven't needed to open later. To avoid wasting time, you can find and remove the most delectable blocks first. Leave the hard blocks later.
  • With each removed block, you can find and free the new blocks on the inside. Therefore, you need to focus on the delectable blocks on the outside first. Then, look at the inside.
  • Try to look 2 steps ahead in order to see what block you will remove first and what hard block you need to pair up or match later.
  • Time is an important factor. Therefore, you need to try to remove as quickly as possible to get more scores and complete as many levels as possible.
  • Try to remember the mahjong block which you have seen at that level. You can come back to remove the rest block, so you need to memorize them.
  • When you get stuck in your game, you can shuffle the blocks to find new combinations easily. Don't waste your time on one side if you can not find any identical blocks.

Developer and Platform

This game was released in December 2019. It was created by Arkadium. You can play this game on some web browsers such as mobile phones, or desktops.

Some helpful information about Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

All the levels of the game

There are many levels that you can try. Each level will have its distinctive difficulty. On the first level, you will see a cubic mahjong block with 16 squares. However, at a higher level, you will play with a variety of block styles, symbols, and colors. You will have 15 minutes to overcome all these levels. To have a high score, you need to remove as many blocks as possible and complete as many levels as you can before you run out of time. The higher the level is, the more difficult the game will be. At higher levels, you will get more time pressure. This game is a perfect fit for you if you want to love puzzles, and strategy and want to consolidate your brain, patience, and acumen.

The effect of this game

The game brings you an appealing and colorful effect. They will stimulate your Intuitive, visual, and auditory. The block in the game has a different color, and symbol which helps you find out easily. They also have a diversity of symbols. In particular, there are 12 main symbols including a blue fire, a flower, a snowflake, a heart, a rhombus, a round, a triangle, and so on.