Mahjong Alchemy

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Are you ready to join Mahjong Alchemy? Come to this game to experience moments of great entertainment. This entertainment game belongs to the connecting genre. However, it is more challenging than regular connecting games because it also has elements of the puzzle genre. It is not easy to conquer this arcade game.

Simple Mechanics of Mahjong Alchemy

Challenge your quick eyes and fingers with Mahjong Alchemy which is a classic puzzle game. Match two identical tiles to remove them and get the highest score.

In this game, you will get a chance to explore the treasure in Pharaoh's ancient tombs. In these tombs, there are many gold and silver tiles. Collect them by matching two identical tiles which are not covered by other tiles. After two identical tiles are connected, you will gain many points. Note that you have only 15 minutes. Do your best to eliminate all tiles to gain the highest possible score before the time is over.

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How to control: Use the MOUSE to control.

Although this puzzle game has simple gameplay, it attracts thousands of players around the world. Let's explain the attractions of the Mahjong Alchemy game together!

The Attraction of Puzzle Games

Easy Controls

As you may know, in the Mahjong Alchemy game, you just need to use your mouse to click and select the mahjong you want. Choose 2 of the same to connect. It is simple and easy to play. All ages can participate in this game.

Addictive Gameplay

The successful connection of 2 mahjong will give players a sense of satisfaction. Especially, in this connecting game, the mahjong is hard to distinguish. The mahjongs have ancient symbols from the Middle Ages. You will have a hard time distinguishing these strange mahjongs.

Besides, the mahjong images are also very diverse. You can see many different images like crystal, water, full moon, or stone. There are many pictures with different symbols. As a result, this entertaining game becomes an ideal place for you to learn about ancient symbols. If you want to know the name of these symbols, you can click on it and look in the box at the bottom left to see its name.

Moreover, the time limit makes the game more intense and thrilling. You need to complete your goal within the time limit. It is challenging as well as attractive. This is especially attractive for those of you who love adventure. You can test your time control. Can you finish this game within the time limit?

Useful Sections

On the main screen, you can easily see all the necessary items.

The first item is your score. You can keep track of how many points you have won throughout the game. Try to get as high score as possible. This point is unlimited. The important thing is how points can you get. Note that each connected mahjong pair will give you points. Therefore, try to match as many mahjongs as possible.

Besides, you can track time limit. Countdown timer in the center of the screen. Watch this clock to see how much time you have to complete this game.

Now, head to the right where you can submit score, select menu, and deal new tileset. Click the Submit Score button if you want to end the game and save your score. If you want to change the tiles on the playing screen, you can press the Deal New Tileset button. Besides, the Menu button will allow you to set game options such as turning off or on the sound and editing the view. You can choose between front view or perspective view. Choose the view that suits your abilities. You can also study the rules of this game with the Rules key.

Tips And Tricks For Mahjong Alchemy

Because the symbols of this game are difficult to recognize, you can look at the colors of the mahjongs to distinguish them. There are 2 basic mahjong colors: yellow and blue. Using this way will help you get rid of the wrong manjong quickly.

Besides, the symbols on mahjong also come in different colors such as yellow, red, and blue. The colors are easy to recognize. Thus, you can quickly achieve your goals and save time.

Furthermore, you should use front view and perspective view alternately to see the mahjongs more clearly. There are many columns that are removed less than others. As a consequence, there are mahjongs that are hidden and you cannot see them. In order to avoid this situation, you should play and observe with different ways.

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