Ludo Hero

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Explanation of the game Ludo Hero

The dice roll a six to start the race and keep rolling until all your pieces cross the finish line in Ludo Hero. Kick your opponent's pieces back to the beginning, just like in an authentic board game, and play against everyone. You can play Ludo with up to 3 people the machine chooses or play with your friends.

You must roll a six to place one of your pieces on the board in this classic Ludo game. To move your piece around the board, roll the dice one more time. Finally, you'll go back around the board and start moving towards the center. When all four of your pieces are in your house, you win.

Special features of the game Ludo Hero

Each house has a square annotated with an asterisk that prohibits the player from taking the opponent's piece back to the cage. When other players pass by, you can use them as a safe area first and then score points by kicking your opponent back to the cage. You really need to consider what moves you can make to get to the finish line first.