Little Alchemy 2

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About Little Alchemy 2

A simple crafting game is Little Alchemy 2. In order to construct new items, players in this game must mix various components. Create new elements by mixing Earth, air, fire, and water first. Consider the components of your combination rationally. Unlock recipes for matter, time, and the universe by discovering over 700 things.

Little Alchemy 2 instructions

Drag the components you wish to combine from the menu on the right to the middle of the screen to play Little Alchemy 2. Then attempt to join the two elements by dragging one on top of the other. You will receive rewards for coming up with a workable combination, making brand-new things, and contributing the recipe to the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia may be used to keep track of your progress and learn about the things you've found.

The "clean up" option is conveniently situated in the top left to clear the canvas because being an alchemist tends to make things rather messy. When you are losing track of your works, the search option in the upper right corner is also incredibly helpful!

A few simple creations to demonstrate Little Alchemy functions:

  • Fire + Mist = Air
  • Earth + Air = Dust
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Earth + Lava = Volcano
  • Fire + Rock = Metal