Jewels Blitz 5

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In Jewels Blitz 5, you must line up three or more of the similar jewels to each puzzle. This version is set among the enigmatic places of a Mayan. Explore a variety of mysterious, treasure-filled temples and do your best to crack various riddles to add jewels and points to your scoreboard.

You must move the jewels around to align three or more identical onesin this bejeweled game . Choose a gem and drag it to a neighboring tile to exchange it with another gem. If the move yields a match-3 combination that is valid, they will then swap places.

To gather the jewels, simply pop them. Pay attention to gathering the jewels shown in the panel on the left of the board. The gems displayed here must be cleared in order to solve each match-3 puzzle.

The panel may also show additional objects in some levels, such as Mayan masks, ice tiles, banana tree leaves, or magic purple tiles. These are things you have to remove off the board by creating matches, or drop to the bottom by bursting the gems there.

By aligning 4 identical gems, you can earn row and column bombs. A unique color bomb will be yours if you can successfully assemble five similar gems. To make explosive combos, combine these items with other gems. To get rid of gems and unique barriers, you may also gather four different boosters.

How to play

Use the mouse to play this game.