Hexagon Puzzle Blocks

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About Hexagon Puzzle Blocks 

Hexagon Puzzle Blocks has a lovely and extremely practical problem for the growth of spatial reasoning. The assignment is to arrange hexagonal block figures on a little white field. Every level has a different grid and assortment of forms, which keeps the action interesting. Even if the levels could be difficult, playing the game is still entertaining and soothing.

How confident are you with your logic? With this ostensibly simple task, you will have a lot of difficulty! Many shapes and an empty grasp will be seen on the screen. Little hexagons are used to construct each of these items. And you must arrange all of these forms on the grid so that not a single empty cell is present! You'll need to be creative. Finding the appropriate answer requires extensive cognitive work as each level becomes more difficult.

How to play Hexagon Puzzle Blocks

Simply use the mouse to move the blocks to match the required problem and you can move to a more difficult level. Levels will become increasingly difficult, so you have to find ways to pass them. If it's too difficult for you, you can also invite friends to play with you to help you.