Graffiti Time

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Become an artist

In Graffiti Time, players must leap, escape being apprehended by law enforcement, and spray-paint with vibrant colors to leave stunning graffiti in their path. If you are stressed, this fun action game can clear your mind. Take a deep breath and start this incredible adventure!

Accompany by Mr. Fat Cap

The main character in this game is Mr. Fat Cap. He also travels planets and draws a lot of great graffiti. The government didn't allow this action, so they want to arrest him. You will help him escape from chasing. Don't forget to continue to create as many pictures as possible. Therefore, these actions have to be done in silence. Be careful of a lot of robots along the road. They can catch the character as soon as they discover the character. Move cleverly and silently! Good luck to you!

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is an art that is written or painted on surfaces like on a wall. These arts aren't permitted to appear in the public. Many governments ban these arts in many regions and countries. They may be simple written words or complex pictures on the wall. These arts existed for a long time ago. For example, many scientists said they had appeared in ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. This art became controversial in many countries. When a person paints or marks on the other's property without permission, they can be blamed for vandalism.

Make beautiful graffiti

Mr. Fat Cap has decided to tour the globe to leave behind his amazing graffiti! Graffiti Time demands you to leap, avoid being apprehended by the authorities, and use vibrant spray paint to create artwork. When you paint automobiles and put your name on them, the pressure from the paint pots might lead you to fly very quickly and crash into almost unreachable areas of the game. You may do acrobatic stunts on a skateboard to get more money and make the streets seem better. Good luck, and enjoy the ecstasy you will experience!

Related information about Graffiti Time

This game was released in July 2022 with the iOS version and in September 2022 with the Android version. Until January 2023, this game was recreated with the HTML5 version. That allows PCs to access this game. You also don't need to install this game.

This game has a unique style. You will turn into an artist who will draw graffiti and avoid the supervision of the robot. Run and move along the road as quickly as possible. Don't forget to collect a lot of money on the way.

The game offers many difficult levels where you can show off and prove your skills. When you reach the higher levels, the game will be more difficult. How many levels can you pass in this game? The higher levels will have more dangerous robots. You should use your cleverness to dodge the supervision.

This game has entertaining animation that contains many adorable characters. Moreover, this game doesn't have bloody and horror pictures. Therefore, parents can allow their children to enjoy this game.

The game's designer is also a professional graffiti artist. So, the character can draw a lot of impressive graffiti. You can use the money you collected to buy some new kinds of graffiti. Do you like this game? This game has really simple controls and easy gameplay which is the same as Car Eats Car 2, Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!, Red Ball Bounce, Wordle, and so on. Do you like these games? If yes, don't hesitate to share this game with your friends. You and your friends are able to have fun together.

Hints to play Graffiti Time well

  • It's better to play on a large screen. If you play this game on your mobile, you should enjoy it in full-screen mode. The main character always acts in the dark. Therefore, you can see detail and traps more easily on the large screen.
  • To activate the character's spaceship, you need a key. You only get the key after you draw his name on the suitable place. After getting the key, let's move quickly to the spaceship and escape.
  • You can see the vision of the robots because they will emit lasers. You just need to avoid these lasers to keep safe.
  • You won't draw graffiti once in a level. You can see the number of paint pots to know how many times you need to draw. Sometimes, you have to spend a lot of time finding the correct position to draw. The game also offers a free place for you to create graffiti at some levels.

Game control

  • Press the AD or left and right arrow keys to move
  • Press the W or up arrow key to jump
  • Press the S or down arrow key to crouch
  • Press the C key to paint graffiti and enter freehand tagging mode in front of the city props.