Four In A Row

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Try out Four In A Row which is a classic multiplayer puzzle game. Compete with another player to connect four or more identical discs in the board.

Welcome to Four In A Row where you can compete with your opponent based on your wits. Like Wordle, this game belongs to the puzzle genre where you can test your intelligence with challenging questions. Although the gameplay of each puzzle game is different, they will all give you a great experience. Besides, this entertaining game is educational to improve the thinking and planning ability of the players. You can play this game with anyone because it is suitable for all ages.

Before starting this game, enter your name in the box and choose your favorite color. This action is intended to differentiate you from your competitors. You can write any name you want. There are 14 vibrant colors. You can choose any color like yellow, blue, purple, or red to represent you.

After that, you can choose your favorite mode to start this puzzle game officially.

Playable Modes That Allow You To Play With Your Friends

This game offers three game modes.

  • Online Player
  • Two Player
  • Play Vs Computer


In the Online Player mode, you can get a chance to battle with another player from any country over the world. When joining this mode, you can create your own rooms or join existing rooms. These rooms can be divided into 2 types: Public room and Private room. A public room allows all players to access while a Private room requires a room ID to join. You can choose between creating and joining rooms and between public and private rooms. These choices are yours.

However, to create a room, you should pay attention to some metrics like field size, winning condition, and turn seconds.

Field Size: You can choose one of three sizes: Default 7x6, Stretch 9x4, and Large 9x6.

Winning Condition: You can choose 1 of 4 conditions: three in a row, four in a row, five in a row, and six in a row.

Turn Seconds: You can increase or decrease your thinking time per turn from 5 to 180 seconds. Choose the time period that suits you to have the most ideal matches.


If you want to have fun with your friends, choose the Two-Player mode. You and your opponent can play on the same device. This is a different feature from the Online Player mode where you compete against players with different devices.

In this mode, you can still set the field size and winning conditions like in Online Player mode. Besides, you can choose the color that represents you and your opponent.

After the installation is complete, press the Start button to start the official match. Your turn and your opponent's turn will always take turns after 30 seconds.


In the Play Vs Computer mode, you can practice against the CPU. You can set the field size and winning conditions. Besides, choosing your skin is available. In particular, you can choose the level of difficulty from normal to hard.

Because your opponent is a computer, it is a challenge to win. AI opponent has very smart moves. To win your opponent in this mode, you need to use 100% of your intelligence in addition to carefully observing your opponent's moves. Your opponent has 1 weakness. The computer can perform the same moves as the previous game if you also move the same as the previous game. Let's take advantage of this weakness of your opponent. Besides, you can also learn smart moves of the computer to apply in the next match.

Addictive Gameplay Of Four In A Row

The mechanics of this game are super simple. Take turns your discs into the board to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four or more discs that have the same color. Note that the allotted time for each turn is 30 seconds. Think and drop quickly. Build your strategies and predict possible moves of your rivals to be the first one to have a line of four or more identical discs. Good luck!

Note that the gameplay of this game may vary depending on your settings in each mode. However, no matter what mode you choose and how you set it up, you can only win when you complete the objective first.

How to control: Use the MOUSE to play.

The controls of this game are simple. You just need to use the mouse. It is simpler than Apple Worm where you need to use some joysticks to control your character. Easy controls allow all ages to play this puzzle game with ease. If you are a fan of the genre, the Four In A Row game will be a must-tried game.