Four Colors

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About Four Colors

Engaging gameplay

Join Four Colors which is a funny multiplayer card game. Match cards by color or number to get rid of all cards on your hands before your rival does that.

In this game, you and your opponents will be offered some of the cards. Your mission is to eliminate your cards that have the same color or number as the face-up card on the deck. For example, if the face-up card on the deck is a blue 8-card, you need to place a card with the same color or number onto it. Pay attention to some special cards. These cards will assist you in defeating your opponents and winning the game. When you have only one card in your hand, press the 1 button to announce. If you do not do that, you have to pick 2 penalty cards.

Do your best to get rid of all your cards to get many points. Your score will be the total value of the cards left in your rivals' hands. For instance, if your rival still has an 8-card and a 6-card, your score will be 14. Special cards will have a unique estimating way. An action card is worth 20 points. Similarly, the reverse card is worth 20 points. If your opponent has a skip card, you will get 20 points. A wild card is worth 50 points. A wild draw 4-card is also worth 50 points. Do your best to trap your rivals to get the highest possible score.

Special cards

  • Action cards: This card forces your rivals to draw two cards. Moreover, they will lose their turn when you use the action card.
  • Skip cards: If you use this card, your opponents will lose their turn.
  • Reverse cards: This card helps to reverse the direction of play. It means that play will change to the right if it is currently to the left. If there are only two players on the deck, you can use this card to forfeit your rival's turn.
  • Wild cards: You can match this card with any card on the deck. When you play this card, you are allowed to choose the color of the game.
  • Wild draw four cards: Like wild cards, this special card also allows you to change the color of the game. Furthermore, when you play this card, your opponents have to draw four cards.

How to control: Use the mouse to control

More interesting things about Four Colors

Useful tactics to become the victor

Featuring fun gameplay, this game is also hard for newbies. Therefore, allow me to suggest some useful strategies which will aid you to get a victory easily.

  • Prioritize eliminating matched numbers in your hands. This helps you have a greater number of choices to play instead of playing repetitive cards.
  • Keep your Wild Card until you have only two cards left. Instead of playing the Wild Card too early, you should keep it until the end. If the color or number of the face-up card on the deck is not matched with your final card, you can use this Wild Card to change the color of the game. Choose the color that your card has. Then, get rid of your final card to become the winner.
  • Use the Reverse card wisely. If your rival places the Wild Card, placing the Reverse card will create a chance for him or her to win the game. Therefore, you should not do that. Use this card wisely to get advantages.
  • Keep at least two action cards in your hand to raise your chances of winning. Use these cards when your opponents have fewer than two cards in their hands. This helps to stop them from getting a victory.
  • Attempt to guess the color of the final card in your enemies' hands. It is said that it was possible to do that. However, if you pay attention to the cards that your rivals eliminated, you can guess the color of your rivals' final card easily.

Playable game modes

This game offers three game modes. In each game mode, the number of players will change. Choose one of the game modes. If you are interested in this game, I suggest you try playing Wordle, Word Search, Master Chess, and 2048 on our website.

  • Two-Player Mode: In this mode, you and another player will compete to get rid of your cards. It is easy to defeat this computer player, so it is possible to say that this mode is designed for beginners who are just starting to discover this game.
  • Three-Player Mode: This mode allows you and the other 2 computer players to battle with each other. This mode may be more challenging for you as you need to confront more rivals.
  • Four-Player Mode: It is the most difficult game mode in this game. In this game mode, you are required to defeat three computer players. All of them are programmed to master all skills and have effective strategies. Therefore, you must prepare well before selecting this mode.