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Have you ever played Foodle? This game will give you amazing fun. Once you come to this game, it is hard to get rid of it. Why is this game so attractive? Start this game now and discover what new things this game has to offer!


Noteworthy Information

What Is Foodle

Foodle is a very amazing word game that will put your vocabulary to the test. Find the hidden word about food within six tries to get a victory.

This game promises to bring you the most difficult puzzles. The odds of winning this game are not high because of the difficulty of the game. However, if you learn the rules of the game well and play it many times, you can complete this game.

This game was developed by Daniel Anyanwoke. This new version introduces new interesting features which will surprise you on the first try. It belongs to the puzzle genre. If you are interested in word games such as Waffle Game, this game is the best choice. In particular, this game will give you innovations and unique features that are only available in this entertaining game. That is the theme of this game. This game will talk about the topic of food one of the most interesting and fascinating topics. In particular, this theme is appealing to food enthusiasts. Show your ability to guess words about food to conquer this game!

The Playing Rules

This game offers a 5x6 grid. The cells in this grid are left blank. Your aim is to fill this grid with letters to find the hidden word. Note that the HIDDEN WORD is about FOOD. Therefore, use words related to food. Besides, you also need to remember that five letters in a row of the grid must create a meaningful word. You may have difficulty in this process because you can only choose 5 letter words about food. It is not easy. A lot of players had difficulty with this task. The topic is very broad and you have to guess the word through 6 chances. Find hints through each word.

Some Tips To Play Foodle

Pay attention to the colors of the letters as they will show how close your guess was to the word. If one or more letters in the row are in the hidden word and in the right order, they are green. If they are highlighted with a yellow color, it indicates that this letter is in the hidden word but in the wrong order. Do your best to guess the hidden word correctly. Once you have this information, you can use other words but contain those letters to check where they are. However, you should also pay attention to the gray letters. These letters will not be in the hidden word. Therefore, try to fill in the words without the gray letters to increase the probability of correct guessing.

Besides the color of the letters, you should also pay attention to the order of the letters you guessed correctly. You should predict which letters these letters can combine to form a meaningful word. In particular, if you find a word with a green alphabet that matches the order of the hidden word, it will be a potential word to become a hidden word.

Available Settings

When participating in this puzzle game, you can install some information.

First, you can choose Hard Mode or not. Hard mode is much harder than normal mode. In particular, this mode has a special requirement to challenge the players. Any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses. This rule will limit your ability to find words. However, this is the attractive point of this mode.

Second, you can turn the dark theme on or off. If you choose the light theme, your background will be white. If you choose a dark theme, your background will be black. Besides, you can choose the color blind mode for high contrast colors. Choose your favorite mode and start the game for a more enjoyable experience.

Personal Statistics

This game will record and give statistics about players. It is convenient for you to track your achievements. You can see the number of playing times, win rate, current streak, and max streak. All these figures are based on all your plays.

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