Find School Girl Tulia

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About Find School Girl Tulia game

In the game Find School Girl Tulia, Tulia hides in her room to avoid going to school. And you have the task of finding 11 items to open that door scene.

Details of Find School Girl Tulia game

No matter what you say, kids don't like going to school and your friend's daughter is no exception. The little girl locked herself in her room because she didn't want to go to school. Your friend has contacted and asked for help finding Student Tulia. Considering how stubborn the girl is, can you convince her. Instead of persuasion, you will look for the key and you have full control over your decisions. You can explore famous puzzles like jigsaw, sokoban, rebuses, etc. Collect objects and solve puzzles to unlock the room and drag her to school. Your puzzle time has no limit and need to find eleven objects to open the door. Think and use your full potential in Find School Girl Tulia.