Find In Mind

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Introduce abour Find In Mind

A fun mental game with lots of mind games for the game modes in Find In Mind. With the help of some brain minigames, use this game to train your brain and improve your cognitive talents. It is necessary to follow the instructions of each mode and try to complete each mission as quickly as possible.

The rules of Find In Mind

We have to train our brains to stay awake. Logic, quick thinking and strong memory are the things that bring us closer to the goal of this game. You can play a great selection of logic games in the game Find In Mind. Here, clever puzzles will allow you to assess the level of intellectual acumen. The game includes 18 unique logic minigames that will keep you interested. Like finding other objects in other objects; select objects with more numbers; order 1-2-3,...All have one thing in common: find out before time runs out. Each minigame will support your intellectual development and train your reasoning, intelligence and logic.