Family Clash

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Test your imagination and general knowledge in Family Clash! You're going to a challenge quiz show where you may brag about your fast thinking and esprit. Being clever is not the only problem in this program. Additionally, you need to exercise empathy and imagine yourself in the respondents' position. Let the show begin right now if you are confident enough to enter this quiz!

Get ready provide rapid answers to these questions! Finding accurate alternatives to common questions is the major goal of this quiz show. These fundamental inquiries were made of 100 individuals, and a survey was created. You'll aim to identify the top 5 responses to each question. You advance to the next round if you provide 2 accurate answers from the top 5 list. However, the round is ended after you give three incorrect responses. There is a time limit for catching up as well. To see how much time is left, look at the top of the game screen. You must finish a total of 3 rounds. Additionally, when you accomplish these rounds, your score will double and quadruple. Gather all of your courage and quickness right now. See if you can be the first to accurately respond to each question.

How to play

Play this game with your mouse.