Erase One Element

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Erase One Element is a challenging logic game designed for everyone with high levels of cognitive capacity. It is an exciting new action-packed puzzle game.

If you enjoy using cunning riddles to challenge your brains. This game will keep you from getting bored since you have to make an educated guess as to which portion you need to go on to the next level. Do you think you might be able to solve this puzzle?

You must constantly utilize your inventiveness and imagination to get to play before confronting complicated levels. All of this work is necessary because by identifying the missing parts in the photographs that have been provided, you demonstrate your aptitude for resolving challenging puzzles. Remembering that the game's difficulty will progressively rise as you completed each stage. Your goal in this game is to use an eraser to eliminate from the image everything that, in your opinion, is unnecessary. The secrets these characters are attempting to keep hidden might be revealed if you look at the photographs.

How to play

Click the mouse to play this game.