English Shiritori

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About English Shiritori

English Shiritori is a fun online challenge game. If you are a person with a rich vocabulary, the word match game will be a challenge for your vocabulary understanding. The game has been played many times and is one of many Challenge games that many people play. Japan trusted. Just check vocabulary and have fun, don't hesitate to try it right away.

In this fun Japanese-inspired game called English Shiritori, you write a word and your opponent comes up with a different phrase based on what you said. Challenge a real person to a live duel or engage in combat with a computer Intelligence in one of three difficulty levels.

The origin of the game English Shiritori

This game is modeled off the Japanese word game Shiritori. In this game, each participant must write a word that starts with the last "kana" (in this case, letter) of the word that came before it. To be the first player whose score reaches 0 is the objective of the game. Every time you write, you will lose part of your points. More points are removed for lengthier words.