Drop And Merge The Numbers

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Check out Drop And Merge The Numbers which is an addictive 2048 merge puzzle game. Control the blocks to merge two identical ones to gain a high score.

This is a puzzle game, where you have to merge numbers together. The game will start with a tile having the smallest value 2. When 2 numbers have the same value, they will form a tile with a larger value. Those values will increase exponentially. For example, When you merge 2 numbers with the same value of 2, they will form a tile with the value of 4. Similarly, if you merge 2 numbers with the same value of 4, they will form a tile that has a value of 8. Moreover, when you can combine 3 tiles of the same value, their value will increase 2x exponentially. For example, when you merge 3 tiles with a value of 4, it will create a new tile with a value of 16. The more blocks you merge, the higher the score you will get.

This game will have tiles falling randomly from above. You must arrange it so that the next tiles can merge with the tiles in front of it. The tiles will fall freely on the board so you have to arrange the tiles on this board. This friend is divided into 30 empty cells. In which horizontal movement is 5 cells and vertical is 6 cells. This game does not limit your number of tiles but will limit the number of empty tiles. The game will end when you have no more tiles to match.

When you reach the value of 1024 you will receive a reward of 20 gems. Likewise, when you reach a value higher than 1024 you will get gems. These gems will help you gain some advantages before starting the game. With simple and attractive gameplay, the game promises to bring you the most interesting experiences. What are you waiting for without playing this amazing game?

Some advantages you can get before starting the game

As said before, you can get some advantages before starting the game. You only need to spend 100 gems to get these benefits. You can choose between 2 advantages of the game. Firstly, you can immediately get a tile with a value of 512, which helps you to quickly overcome the challenge of the game and reach 1024. The second advantage is that you can preview the value of the tile in advance that will appear next. This makes it easy to align the values of the tiles. You will not be surprised when the tiles appear.

How to play


In this game, the tiles will fall automatically from above, you will not know what kind of blocks will appear next. Your task is to arrange the blocks so that they merge together. The more tiles you merge, the higher your score will be. The challenge of the game is that you need to merge 1024. After you merge the value of 1024, every time you merge a tile of value higher than 1024, you will get a reward. Are you ready for these challenges? Play and have great moments in this game.

The gameplay of Drop And Merge The Numbers

In the game, you will see many numbered blocks dropping from the top of the screen. You must move it left or right so that it falls onto the block that has the same number. When two identical blocks hit each other, they will be merged and a new block with a higher score will be created. They will merge together right where you place them. Try to combine as many blocks as possible to gain the highest possible. Also, since this is a puzzle game, it will help you train your brain. You need to think carefully every time you make a decision. With just one wrong step, it will take you a lot of work to solve it. Don't let the playing field be filled with blocks if you do not want to lose soon. Come on! Play this game now and have fun. If you are interested in this game, don't ignore other awesome games such as Wordle, Tetris, and Tic Tac Toe on our website.


This game is an intriguing puzzle game, we have some tips for new players. Hope you have a great experience in this game.

  • The blocks will merge together where you will place the blocks, so you need to arrange them properly to be able to merge the blocks you want.
  • To be able to quickly combine a high-value tile, you should merge 3 tiles of the same value. Their value will increase 2 times exponentially.
  • You can use some advantages before starting the game to solve the puzzle easier. Also when you are stuck with a certain tile you can use a hammer on the right side of the screen and destroy them.