Drive Mad

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The obstacles in Drive Mad

Are you ready for new challenges in the Drive Mad game? This is a tough race as you have to overcome countless obstacles to reach the finish line.

It is not a puzzle game anymore, now the Wordle website has brought a new game, which is Drive Mad. Drive Mad opens up an exciting driving journey as you have to overcome countless obstacles. Do not need obstacles such as bombs and spikes like in Super Mario Bros, this game will also make it difficult for you with different types of terrain. This game has terrain types such as stairs, rope bridges, and split tracks, which make it easy to fail. If you do not have good skills you will not be able to overcome these obstacles. Play this game now and conquer any kind of difficult terrain.

Control your car in Drive Mad

How the cars work

Controlling the cars in the Drive Mad game has never been easy. Different cars will have different controls. For example, Limo cars have a long body that is prone to tipping over, you need slow controls to adjust their speed. It is important that you combine the boost and brake keys. The speed key will make your car move fast forward and prone to an accident. At this time you need to use the brake to keep your vehicle balanced. You need to gain momentum for jumps or uphill climbs. To be able to gain momentum, you press the brake key to make the car move backward. You just need to firmly grasp the operating principle of the car to be able to conquer these tracks. Let's play and prove your pro skill.

How to control

  • You use the down arrow key to move forward
  • You press the up arrow to move backward