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About Dordle

The rules

Dordle is a highly addictive word game featuring many daily challenges. Try to guess two five-letter words within seven attempts to get a victory.

If you are looking for a game to boost your English vocabulary, this is an ideal game for you. This version is harder than the previous version. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose the mode. There are 2 modes of the game including Daily Dordle, and Free Dordle. In the Daily Dordle, you can unlock a new puzzle every day. In the Free Dordle, you can play as much as you want. In the game, you need to guess hidden words by filling up all the puzzles. Choosing the available letters to fill in the blank cell. Try to create as many meaningful words as possible. Each row has 5 cells. Therefore, you need to guess at least 2 five-letter words to become the winner. After forming any words, let's click on the enter button to check. When your cells are in green or blue, it shows that you put the right word in the right order. If your cell is in yellow or purple, at that time you put the right word and wrong order. When your cells don't have any color or have gray color, it is not the letter in hidden words. The words will be in red if they don't have any meaning in the dictionary. Pay attention to their color. Try to guess the hidden words in 7 attempts. You don't have time pressure or score. After 7 attempts, you don't have any chance to try again. Therefore, you need to think carefully before putting any words in the blank. You can have many words to fill in the blank. As a consequence, you should guess the words related to the color letters. Besides, you can change the color of the background from white to black. Change the color of hidden letters by clicking into color.

This version is more challenging than the original one. It requires a wide vocabulary and effective strategies to win this game. If you are a big fan of word games such as Crossword Connect, check this game out.

How to play

Mobile phones: tap or hold on your screen to play

Computer: use your mouse or keyboard to play

Some interesting information of the game

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Zaratustra. It is playable on mobile phones and desktop devices such as computers, laptops, or Macs. It will be released in 2022.

Some strategies to win the game

  • Pay attention to the color of the letters. The green or blue cells indicate the right word in the right position. The yellow or purple cells show the right word in the wrong position. The gray or non-color cells mean that that letter isn't in the hidden word.
  • Don't waste your prediction. You need to guess your available words on the paper. Then, you can try to put it in the blank.
  • Your letter is on your keyboard. You can look at your keyboard to imagine possible words.
  • Use your dictionary to support you when guessing some words. You can not know all the words. Therefore, sometimes an English dictionary will benefit you a lot.

Remarkable things about Dordle

The game mode

This game has 2 modes for you to choose from. They are the daily Dordle and the free Dordle mode. In the daily Dordle mode, the new puzzles will change and upgrade day by day. The hidden words also change. To explore new puzzles, you need to come back to the game every day and play the game. The second mode is the free Dordle mode. In this mode, you can play as much as you want. Every dordle is different. It will make you surprised.

The graphics in the game

The graphic in the game was put in the game successfully and cleverly by the creator. The main effects focus on the different colors of each hidden letter. After finishing a word, you need to click on the enter button to check that word. If the letter has a green or blue color, it is one letter in the hidden word with the right position. After entering the words, that letter has yellow or violet color. At that time, your letter is one of the letters in the hidden word but it is put in the wrong position. When the color of your letter is gray or non-color, your letter is wrong and it is not in hidden words. In addition, you can change the color of hidden letters by clicking on the color button on the top of your screen. You also can change the background of your puzzles from white to black when you click on the dark button. With 26 letters, it is put in the order of your keyboard. You can easily follow and play.