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The tile-based board game Dominoes is highly well-known around the world. You will compete against three other gamers in this multiplayer game.

You each receive seven distinct tiles with two numbers on them. By matching the numbers at the ends of the row, you will play every tile you have. So, you can play tiles that include a five or a two if there is a two at one end and a five at the other. The match is won by the first player to use all of their available tiles.

You first encounter three international players at the start of the game. To get rid of your domino tiles first is the one and only aim that each and every one of you has. If there isn't a tile that fits, you can pass and forego the round in order to play in the subsequent one. Choose in advance which tile is the most valuable, best to store for later, and which tile should be disposed of immediately.

Each player must set down a tile whose pip count on at least one half of it corresponds to the pip count on the exposed ends of the tile chain. If they are unable to, they pick up additional tiles until they locate one that can. Based on the quantity of pip remaining on the opponents' remaining tiles, the player who places all of their tiles first wins and receives points.

How to play

To play the game, use the mouse.